Duplex Ghost Story

by Lori

In the year 1997, the same year my younger sister was born, my family moved into a 15 year old duplex two blocks from the beach. For ten years, we lived in that house. It turned me, and all of my friends, into true believers of ghosts.

I had a lot of ghostly experiences from the day we moved in. That night, we received news that my great grandmother had passed away. My mom stayed up late with my dad crying. At about three o'clock in the morning, they heard music coming from my bedroom. They went downstairs to check on me and found me fast asleep. However, the music box of great grandmother was sitting on my desk, and it was playing. As soon as my parents entered the room, it stopped.

Years later, I began to see apparitions of a young girl in an orange sweater and skirt, wearing black shoes that buckled. She appeared to have freckles, long brown hair, and was slightly transparent.

Another ghostly encounter I had in that room was when I was sitting on my bed and felt a sharp tug on my hair, and my head jerked back. I had many dreams about the girl, who I decided to call Riel, and in one dream she was lying on the floor bleeding from her head. When I awoke, I found her standing at the foot of my bed.

On my thirteenth birthday, I had some friends over for the night. We all slept in my bedroom. I noticed that one of my friends seemed slightly agitated. When I asked her about it, she denied it, but at school the next week she told me she had seen a young girl while in my bedroom. The girl had stared at my friend for quite some time before disappearing.

I have had many more frightening encounters in that house, and if I had the time, I would write them.