A Hauntingly Quiet Night at Brougham Way

by Paul Dale Roberts, H.P.I. Ghostwriter

I heard the reports about this residential haunting and heard that there was a lot of activity coming from this house. I had to check it out and called upon HPI paranormal investigators: Chris Grissom, Debbie Talani, Angel Kesti, psychic Anne Temple. We were equipped with two EMF Readers, 3 digital cameras, 2 Listen Up Sound Enhancers and 3 electronic audio recorders. We all met up at this home and mapped out areas of this home that really needed to be looked at, areas we felt had the most activity. It was November 9, 2007, Friday and besides anticipating the long weekend, I was hoping we would get some nice results for this Friday night. I sat in two closets by myself for a period of 20 minutes each, hoping to capture some kind of photographic evidence or hear something on my Listen Up sound enhancer. I had no results. When interviewing Occupant #1 of this home, she told me that the house is 30 years old. Occupant #1 did some investigating on her own by digging up some old County records. She discovered a man named Harold lived in this house with his Asian bride, he worked as an employee for a computer company. Harold died of heart failure in this home. She believes that Harold still resides in her home, along with a little boy possibly named Stephen and a small girl. Occupant #1 verified that the former occupant's named was Harold from her neighbors.

Occupant #1 relates to me that on February 2007, the activity started in their home. They purchased 2 beds from a Thrift shop and believe that the little boy and little girl haunt the beds. Occupant #1's boyfriend has heard footsteps on the stairwell, while Occupant #1 has heard the footsteps that go from the stairwell to the extended kitchen area. One night she heard the footsteps, went down to investigate and opened a door and the footsteps stopped. Occupant #1 started doing her own EVP work and picked up EVPs that say:

EVP: When asked..."how did you die?" Possibly Stephen (boy ghost): "I drowned".
EVP: Strange voices (inaudible).
EVP: The word "Dookie" was recorded.
EVP: Male or female voice: "cold on my body".
EVP: Male or female voice: "so cold in here."

Occupant #1 said that she had a foster child, and her foster child had a cousin that was into the Goth culture. Many times she caught this Goth oriented child rambling or chanting around the house, which could have brought more activity to their home. This is a theory that was presented to me by Occupant #1. Occupant #1 thought this child was maybe practicing in the mystical arts. Occupant #1 said that some other unusual activity is that the TV would shut off on it's own and once when she was opening the closet a cold gush of cold wind blew out.

Anne Temple, a medium and HPI member, claims she was talking with the little boy named Stephen. It was Anne who discovered the entity's possible full name. Anne elaborates that Stephen's full name is Stephen (middle name maybe Michael) (last name maybe Warner or Warmer). Anne says that Stephen was 10 years old when he drowned at the American River near Folsom. Stephen says he lived in Carmichael and that the bed belongs to him. Stephen parent's names are possibly Nancy and David, the parents may still be alive and may have lived on a street or circle off Winding Way called Steiner? He claims he can't find his way back.

After the investigation, I checked to see if any of the investigators caught any kind of photographic evidence, there was none. Debbie smelled a cookie smell that came from the kitchen and possible cigarette smoke in the bathroom area. No one smokes in this house. Debbie says that she felt a yanking of her hair twice. Anne detected heaviness in the air in one of the closets and felt like Stephen likes to play hide 'n seek with us. Chris didn't feel anything or see anything. I didn't feel anything or see anything.

Later Anne showed Debbie, Angel, Chris and I, on how to see auras that surround peoples' bodies. When testing this experiment out, there seems to be a whiteness around everyone body. Anne claims this is our aura. I wasn't sure if this was the aura I was seeing or a trick of my own eyes. It was an interesting experiment nevertheless.

I heard past EVPs of prior investigations by HPI that were impressive, but on this night, everything seemed relatively quiet. We know this house has lots of ghostly activity, we just didn't capture any this night. This ends this investigation now let me tell you about other HPI events and activities!

Holly DeLaughter, HPI paranormal investigator has created a photo album with images of various investigators on duty, scenes of various places we have investigated.