Katy's Ghosts?

by Katy Hickey

I was babysitting this family, once, that lived right near my house.

The kids were asleep, and I was in the basement. I heard some foot steps and thought it was the parents coming home from the party they were at. So, I went upstairs to investigate, but no one was there. I, then, went back downstairs.

A few minutes later, I heard some more foot steps and went upstairs, again; but, no one was there. Repeating what I had done prior, I went back downstairs. And, again, I heard the mysterious noise - so, I went upstairs in an attempt to figure out what the heck was happening. And this time, I saw something go into the dining room. Following the person, I turned into the kitchen and thought I saw a dress. Immediately, I thought it had to be the kid I was baby sitting up and out of bed. So, I creeped up around the corner and said, “Boo.” Imagine my surprise when nobody was was there!

I went searching for any signs of what might have happened or who could have been there, but nothing - nobody was in the upstairs of that house. The parents soon returned home, and took me back to my house.