Yippee Ghost Story

from Renee of Alberta

My mom and I believe we may be living in a haunted apartment in Fort Saskatchewan. We live in this apartment with my two year old daughter. We just moved in around September 26th of this year.

Everything seemed normal for a month at least, and then a few days before Halloween my mom called me up from work. She asked me to go through all of my daughter Sarah's toys, because at night she kept hearing this noise that sounded like someone saying, "Yippee!" and it went on all night. We went thru Sarah's toys the next day and got rid of most of the ones that made noise. But the next night, she said she heard it again and asked if I wanted to go to her boyfriend's house since she was bringing Sarah there that night while I was working anyway. I said, "No it's okay," and all night all I heard was "Yippee" every hour or so. It was usually coming from my room, by the way (my mom sleeps on the couch in the living room and Sarah has her own room). We found out it couldn't be appliances, because we asked some of the other people who lived in the building and they said they didn't hear anything. For about a week all we heard were the "Yippees."

Then one night, I came home from work and it was about 11pm. Mom and Sarah were gone to the boyfriend's home over night. I went straight upstairs to the bathroom. I was going to take a bath but then I got this feeling of being watched. It was enough to make me turn around and cover myself up as much as possible. Then I went to my room after and for no reason sat on my bed. I all of a sudden felt cooler than I normally did up there. I felt freaked out, so I went downstairs and watched TV, and all I could hear at least was the "Yippees" (I was used to them) coming from my room from upstairs every half an hour or hour. But about around 3am, after I heard one "Yippee" from upstairs, I heard another one about ten seconds later coming from beside me! So, I ran downstairs to my friend who lives on the second floor of the basement. Ever since then, my mom doesn't let me or Sarah sleep upstairs, so we have a mattress downstairs in the living room.

Pretty much all that happened for awhile were the "Yippees," which always happen more often and louder at night and keep my mom up when she has to get up for work at 6:00 am. A few other things happen too, though once in awhile, like the light in one of the closets hasn't worked since we moved in and one day it was on and then it died out again. And last week sometime, my mom and I both had the feeling of being touched. I felt like Sarah was crawling onto the matress I was sleeping on (she fell asleep on the couch with mom) and felt the feeling of the mattress sinking in. But when I sat up to cover her up, she was still asleep on the couch! The same night, my mom felt like someone touched her foot and she looked up to see if it was Sarah, but she was no where near her foot! Also, the radio turned off and on all night when my mom had the music playing (so she wouldnt hear the Yippees). And just last night, my mom had the radio playing right behind the couch beside her and she called me up today and told me she heard "noises" just like she does every time she calls from work. She heard a noise just before her alarm went off and thought it was Sarah playing with something, but she was still sleeping. The radio was turned off and doesn't know what the noise was, but when she layed back down again the radio turned back on!

I haven't heard a "Yippee" since about 8:00 am this morning, and its almost 2:30 pm while I am typing. It could be anything, I guess, but just keep wondering how an appliance or something like that could make a noise that goes up and down the stairs, plus comes and goes more or less everyday, especially at night when no one else in the building gets the noise. One girl heard it awhile ago, but now we get it. I don't know what to think anymore.