Ghost Story: Christmas Carols

by Jackie

I was born in Elgin, Illinois, and raised in Miami, Florida. And, this is where my story took place...

I don't know if it'll scare anyone the way it scared me but, it was scary enough. It took place when I was about ten years old, I think. I woke up in the middle of the night to find my parents not home. I found I was home alone with just my three brothers, and they were sleeping, as well. Being so young at the time, I turned on all the lights because, of course, I was scared of the dark.

I looked outside to see if I could see my parents and I couldn't - they were not home, yet. As I was sitting in the kitchen, this figure appeared. I couldn't see its body - just its face. It was floating up in the air and was transparent; but, I could tell it was a man. For some reason, I felt as though it were the spirit of the man who betrayed Jesus when he was on earth. I know you think i'm crazy but I'm not...and I'm not lying either. This is the feeling I got from this spirit...this evil spirit; and the reason I say that is because of what he was saying. He started to tell me that my parents had died. And I was like, "No!!!" And he reiterated, "Yes, they did." I told the spirit to shut up!! Yet, he kept saying it. I told him to go away (by this time, I was holding my ears closed with my hands, and for some reason, I started to hum Christmas carols. I'm not sure why).

This evil spirit, then, started to tell me to stop; and to stop humming these Christmas carols! He started to yell, telling me to stop it; but, I didn't. This bothered him for some odd reason, and he started to vanish...and then, he was gone. I grabbed a deck of cards, petrified, and started to play some game on my own to keep myself awake. I was scared to fall asleep, but somehow, I did. I remember my parents walking in through the house, and I woke up and started to tell them what had happened. I started to cry, and I told them, "I thought you were dead!" They said, "What? We just went for a walk." They told me I had been dreaming and to go back to bed. After that, I never mentioned it again; but it was a scary moment.

I've always been interested with the paranormal, but I think when it comes to seeing a ghost, or spirit, or whatever you may want to call it - I'll pass. Well, I hope my true story amuses you; it sure didn't amuse me. Hopefully, it will make you believe that ghosts exist in many different ways and forms and that they may approach you in any way they like.