How Far Will Love Go?

A ghost story from Shelley Bierer that shows love continues on, even after death...

On Dec 28, 1980 when I was 7 years old, my father died of alcoholism at the age of 60. (In the 1950's -1980's he was a wonderful chef and owned his own restaurant business.) Well right after he died, my mother and I started to notice strange things that would happen in our house. We could smell the sweet smell of Jack Daniels that my dad used to drink. We could also smell cigarettes he used to smoke, and we always could smell food we know, for sure, my mother and I never prepared. We always felt that someone unseen was in the house watching us; but for some reason, my mother and I always felt safe. I guess you could sense the love of this presence.

The strange happenings and weird smells went on for many years. On April 1996, I remember one night I was having a really strange dream. In my dream, my father was talking to me. And he told me I was going to have a boy. In my dream, I remembered what my dad was wearing: he was wearing a beautiful, blue suit. It was the same suit my mother buried him in. Eight months later, little Steven was born on December 28, 1996 - exactly the same month and date my father had died. Strangely, weird things continued until the death of my mother on October 28, 2000. Today I live in my mother's house and nothing happens anymore. I sure do miss my dad very much. I believe all this time he was just waiting for my mom.

I guess you can see love continues in life...and even in death.