Christian's Ghost Story

by Christian D. of White River Junction, Vermont

For two years now, I have been haunted. My friend who is a psychic even told me so. Here are my stories:

It all started when I woke up one night and heard footsteps from the basement. After a month, I could hear someone on the basement stairs. Eventually, they opened the door and they found me. One night they almost hit me. I felt it and I saw an imprint on my bed. Since then, I've had many sightings. I have seen a face in the mirror. One night I saw someone leaning against the doorway to the bathroom - I saw him turn his head and look at me. Another night, I saw a woman in the mirror. I turned around and there was nothing to misinterpret. I looked at the mirror again and she was still there, but she was transparent.

There is also a man I see in the corner a lot. My scariest sighting was when I woke up and couldn't sleep. I turned my head and saw an elderly man floating into my room. He had a trench coat and white facial hair - he wasn't moving his legs. He stared at me and just moved toward me. When he came very close, he disappeared. I sleep at my grandma's a lot, because at first nothing would happen. Now I see people next to my bed. I just see the outline. My dad refuses to believe anything I tell him about my haunting at home, because nobody died there; but somebody died in my grandma's house.

I swear all of these stories are real. I lived through them. I only wish that I had more than three people who believed me.