Old Lady Ghost Story

by Amy A.

My mum still lives in the house that we moved into when I was about 18 months old (I'm now 23).

Every morning when I was between 3-7 years old, I would get up and tell me mum that I saw an old lady standing at my bedroom door watching me. Mum would ask, "Does she scare you?" and I would say, "No, I think she's friendly." So mum would tell me not to worry about her. I still remember seeing her and still remember what she looked like. Mum also said that she saw her once. Over the years my mum would ask me, "Do you still see your old lady friend?" But as I got older, I stopped seeing her.

On other occasions my dad reported that he heard one of us kids at the fridge late one night, but when he got up to see who it was, my brothers and I were all fast asleep in our beds. Then my mum woke up to a freaky demon-like face staring at her one another night!

Over the years, strange things stopped happening, and even though I don't live at home anymore, I still stay at my mum's every weekend. Since my daughter, who is now five, was born, I've noticed the strange things happening, again! One night, my daughter, my three year old son and I were laying down in my old room when she started getting scared saying that there was someone standing by the corner. I couldn't see what she was going on about. I had a little lamp on and no TV going. She refused to stay in that room, so we swapped to my brother's old room which had beads hanging at the door and was located next to the computer desk.

Every morning I wake up about 4:30 am, and listen to my mum leave for work leaving me and my two children in the house alone. Then after she leaves, I start to hearthe computer chair moving around, faint footsteps and the beads rattling at the door. The other morning while I could hear it, I got up just to be sure no one was there; and no one was. There are no cats or dogs, and the noises always stop once the sun comes up!