Man of My Dreams Ghost Story

from Jackie of Indiana

When I was younger I used to have a recurring dream of this white light that would float outside my sister's doorway, and occasionally my siblings and I would hear things in our kitchen downstairs that sounded like pots and pans banging around, and cabinets opening and shutting. When we would muster the courage to go check it out, there would be nothing. I used to think it was all fun, but the thrill of being scared I never really thought much of. That was until we moved to a new house (a rent house), while our house was being re-modeled. When we got to this new house, anyone who came over said it just didn't feel right. Some said they had the feeling someone was trying to push them down the stairs, and many had tripped and almost fell. I really didn't feel anything until one day I was laying in bed. My bed was facing the doorway, and I could see down the hall into the other bedroom at the end of the hall. I was laying on my stomach and was just waking up so I was stretching. I turned around and I saw a man standing by the balcony (we had a balcony that was the entire length of the hall, so you could see down in the living room). I looked at the man and he was tall and I could almost make out what kind of clothes he was wearing; yet he was all black and shadowy. I looked at him for merely a second and he turned and walked down the hall to the other room and was gone. I immediately went to the balcony and started yelling, "Is there anyone home?" My sister answered back and I asked if my dad was home and she said, "Yes." So I asked if he had been upstairs and she told me that neither one of them had been up there all day. When she told me that, my eyes began to water and I told her what had just happened. Well that's not the last time something like that happened to me in that house.

One day my mother was very angry with my sister (she slept in the room at the end of the hall where the man had walked towards). She was yelling at her about her messy room, as I was walking out of my bedroom. I saw two of those black shadowy figures following behind my mother, as they all walked into the room. As before, I could almost make out what they had on, yet they had no features. They were gone in an instant. I told my mother what I had seen, and we were all very scared. Another incident in this house was on the night we had went to our other house to check on everything (the remodeling and all that), and my dad stayed behind to do something as I, my mother, my brother, and sister headed home (to the rent house). When we got there, as my mom opened the door, I thought I saw the black figures. There was at least three of them now, but I thought it was just my imagination, as the house was dark. So my mother, who had went to her room, came back and said we have to get out of the house. So we all ran to the car and got in and locked the doors. She began to call my dad and told him to hurry up and get home. When she got off the phone, we asked her what was wrong. She told us her bedroom was locked and she had left it open when we left the house, so she thought someone was in there. When my dad got home, he went in and checked it out, and no one was in the room.

Our house was finished, so we moved back in, and we were all happy to get out of that house. But it was not the last time we would see the dark shadows. We were visiting our grandmother who lived over a thousand miles away. Everything had been fine, until one day we were all sitting around and she told us about something had happened. She told us that, that night she had went to the bathroom, and before she could turn the light on, she saw a person. Thinking it was one of us, she walked out and began apologizing. Well then she realized that we weren't there (we had went out that night). So immediately, she went back in the bathroom and began asking the man who he was, and what he was doing there (shes a very brave woman). The man just looked at her, so she ran and dialed 911. There was no answer, so she called her son and had him come over and check the whole house; from the basement and all the windows, and nothing was out of order. All the doors and windows were locked. So the next day she went and blessed her house with holy water and prayed over all of us. Since then, I haven't seen anything, but I still have no idea what it was, or why me and my grandmother were the only ones who saw them.