Haunted Ghost Story

from Nancy

When I was four years old, I had just gotten home from a Christmas party. Our door was right in front of our steps so when you walked in the first thing you saw was the steps. I, being a little four year old, walked in with my little teddy bear in my hand and looked up at the steps. I saw a pale, white hand on the banister at the top of the steps, connected to a big black shadowy body. I stood so scared, I couldn't move until my mom came over and asked what was wrong. I screamed, "There's someone in the house." My stepfather got a crowbar and went upstairs with it, but no one was up there. I know I saw something that night...

I was one year older (only five) and welcoming my new brother to the world, when my mom left the room. That's when I saw it. I glanced to where the closet was, and a lady all dressed in black with hair coming out of a dark robe was at the closet door. Saying nothing, I stared, holding my little brother close. I watched her sit on the bedside a foot or two away from me. Again, I was so scared, I didn't speak. She turned to me, then my brother. With a step, she was gone and I screamed for my mother.

I was now seven and happy to move after the shadows and faces when I saw the lady. The lady seemed nice and she was sitting in my backyard. I yelled from afar, "Hi." She said nothing, had no expression and was wearing a long white robe down past her feet (which I could not see), and looked like she was sparkling. I turned looking back, and the woman was not there anymore. Then weeks later I saw her again, but at night I saw her looking at the house. I thought it was wierd, so Igot my mom. She hushed me to sleep and I looked back, and againn she was gone. I saw her many times and realized I could see right through her. Finally realizing she wouldn't talk, I didn't know if she even could. I saw her in my room with another shadow that was black (like the robed woman) for years, until I was ten, until we moved out to another place.

I moved to a home that was big and white that didn't look scary or nothing. Then when I moved in and started looking around, I saw a sign. There were footprints and a name in the cement. The name was "Casey." The footprints were small and there was a date...19-something. It looked to me like 1966, but I didn't know. I had a nice room, biggish and stylish, and after a few days I started having dreams about a little girl with dark hair in a night gown that was to small for her. The dreams, from what I remember, were about the little girl walking me into a room with her, then locking a door behind us. An old woman came to the door and jammed the lock and we couldn't get out. I watched the girl cry and get skinnier and weaker, then after a scream, I woke up. "Casey, Casey, Casey" would be running through my head after the dreams were over.

Casey didn't like visitors at all, and when I had my sleep-over party, she would haunt us by making my posters fall and move around; the TV would go on and off, and more. Casey wanted me to do something for her. The clearest dream I ever had was when a door was barged open and Casey was carried out, then thrown out of something...a door, or a window. Then the screams got louder and louder, until I heard the scariest thing ever. Casey said, "I can't leave until you help me. You should be smart enough to do this. I am in the..." she stopped. This story scares me thinking about it, but I never did help her. I had to leave before I figured it out. The day I left, I went into my empty room and looked in the closet saying, "I'm sorry, Casey." The closet was the small room I believe she passed away in, and that is all I found out. But now, I am moved away, but I am still haunted so.