Ghost in Chapel Story

from Barbara

Chapel Ghost Haunts Choir!
I am a member of an organization in our town. It is a chapel choir and I am the treasurer of the pastoral youth council. It is said that there is a lady ghost inside the chapel (for a decade). Every Saturday, we have our practice. We use the altar table for our practice. So, one time we were having our practice and a man came inside looking at the crucifix...then, he shouted; and shouted like he saw something scary! We all panicked, because of what had happened. We didn't continue our practice.

The next day - Sunday, we had our practice before the holy mass. While we were practicing our song, we accidentally stopped singing, because someone was joining us in our practice. But, when we stopped singing, the voice was still singing! We were trying to find the voice' owner, but no one was there but us.

Weeks had passed, and I'm practicing my organ - playing alone in the chapel (I've already forgotten what previously had happened). While I'm playing my organ, I heard someone humming. I was so scared, that I left the organ on and got out...locked the gate and ran to the house of my friend!