Valerie's Ghost Story

from Valerie

Hello my name is Valerie...I am from the Chicago-land area (a town called Elgin, Illinois) I am about to write you about a true, real-life, friendly ghost story that happened to me about four years ago.

I lived in an apartment with my boyfriend at the time. He had a childhood friend, who he had lost contact with for a few years (due to an argument and a move to another state). His friend Mike had moved from the Chicago-land area to Colorado. Mike moved back to Chicago and called my boyfriend Richie. He came over, and they reconciled! I met Mike when I first opened the door that day...he was a very friendly, nice person. I really liked him a lot. He ended up coming over to visit throughout the year, every so often. We always seemed to have a good time. Sometimes, all of us went out to clubs together; it was always a good time, with a lot of laughs.

He ended up having some unexpected time off of work, so, he decided to take a last minute trip with one of his other childhood friends to Colorado to go skiing. They took a road trip and drove out there. After about five days in Colorado, they we're just about to head home; but, decided to take one more run on the slopes. They had told each other they would meet each other when they we're done, and they would start heading home. Mike's friend ended up getting there first and waited for Mike. He then heard the sirens of distress...and knew something was wrong. It turned out Mike had lost control and hit a tree. He ended up passing away, but we did not know yet, at the time (Richie, I, and others).

The night before we heard the horrible news, I was watching TV when Richie went to bed. I had a red candle lit on top of the entertainment center...the flame kept blowing to the side, as if someone was up next to it "blowing it.". I had intuitions & signs (messages) come to me in the past...right away, I felt some kind of a message was trying to come through too me! I felt the presence of someone there with me. As I was talking too myself, softly saying, "Is someone trying to tell me something?," the candle would go even wilder. I even went and woke Richie up to tell him I had a feeling something had happened to someone, but we didn't know yet about Mike.

I felt someone had "passed" but didn't have any idea who. I felt a presence, and the sense that a message was trying to be put through to me! He was half asleep and said "Oh, it's nothing just come back to bed." I went back out to the living room, and kept watching the candle with great awe. I eventually ended up falling asleep. I woke up the next morning, and the candle had burned itself out and the wax was all pushed over to the side (as if someone was blowing the flame sideways all night)!

The following day, I was doing my regular routine things. I had just stepped out of the shower and was brushing my hair, when the phone rang. I answered it, to Richie crying madly. I wasn't understanding a word he said. I told him to "Please calm down," and he finally yelped out, "Mike is dead." I'm like, "What?" I was in complete and utter shock! I went to sit down in the bathroom, to try and regain myself. I began to cry saying, "Why, Mike...why did you have to die?" All of a sudden, a big clock we had on our wall (higher up above me), came down with a pressure and force behind it, crashing into about ten pieces. I was like, "Whoa." "Mike?" I told Richie about it later, and he too, was like, "Whoa." He was still in utter shock, and very upset...

About a week later I had a dream, and Mike appeared in it so detailed and clear as day. I still can remember every detail to this day. He kept saying to me, "Why do you keep saying that I'm dead?" He kept repeating and repeating the question over, and over again. I said, "Because, Mike you are." He said, "But, how, why, when?" He seemed very confused. I said, "When you we're skiing in lost balance, and hit a tree." He said, "No way (like a "duh" almost if you will), that's why I kept seeing myself hitting the tree." He showed me how he kept seeing himself hit the tree. I shook my head like "I understand."

He started patting his body down as if saying, "No more. No more." I said, "Mike, aren't you OK? Happy?" He said, "I don't know." He just seemed really confused...and then told me he loved me. I told him I loved him, too and we embraced. He told me he was tired and had to go, but assured me would be back. It was as if it took a lot out of him to make a visit like this!

I kept feeling his presence in the apartment, near where he used to sit when he would come over to visit. I sometimes would even see a slight crease in the leather of the chair, as if he was sitting down. I would also notice a slight rock in it as that happened...I'd almost have to rub my eyes and blink real hard..."Did I just see that?" I never felt scared, because I knew it was "good energy" from a good person I knew and loved.

I did feel worried for him though, due to Mike seeming confused about his death. Later on, I had dreams of him showing me how he he was going down the slope, lost his balance, and looked up and hit the tree the second he looked up! He didn't see it coming. He showed me how he went out of his he climbed out, and saw the doctors saying, "We lost him." He was freaking out, trying to tell them frantically, "I'm right here." He even tried to lay back down into his body, to be one with it again; but it wasn't working.

His friend even said after he passed he swore he still felt his presence around him. He had told me and many others that at the funeral! I was fighting with Richie one night, and went behind the funeral home where he had his wake. I was talking to Mike, knowing he could hear me. Crying to him about how I felt like my life was so messed up and I was trapped. That night I had a dream again, that I remember like all the others. I woke up, "out of my body" (astrally I believe...that is when the soul leaves the body, yet is still attached, as the body doesn't die or pass on). I could see Mike dimly, over where I always felt his presence in the apartment. I was crying tears of such happiness, being overwhelmed with joy."

I said "Mike I know you're there, even though I can't see you most of the time." I was crying tears of joy because I saw him; I knew it was "real." I kept saying, "I knew it, Mike. I knew you we're there." I even saw him sit in the chair (still within my dream). I knew it was all, "real." I kept telling him how I loved him...before I knew it, I was on the floor...back in my body; and he was over me, and my eyes we're shut again! I could not see, but I felt so safe and protected. He whispered in my ear, as I wept so happily, "Everything is going to be OK." I woke up with a tear rolling down my eye. My friend's message brought such a deep sense of peace over me, and still does to this day.

In the following weeks, I talked to him all the time aloud. I told him he should go towards the light...that he didn't really die...he is still alive - the very essence of him...and we will all be there with him one day. It was so cool, because I felt that overwhelming sense of peace and love overfill me if I felt the connection. I had a dream of him, a few nights later, again. He was behind what looked like glass (a "veil" that separated us...but not far, like a wall separating us...but, it was glass); I could see through it! He was in this light pink, peaceful, dim, beautiful light. Mike looked so alive and happy. He was smiling from ear to ear...he didn't have to say a word. I knew my dear friend knew everything was OK, now, and made it to eternal peace...where I truly believe we will all be one day. I will meet him and my other loved ones some day when it is my time. We live on forever...eternal is "truth" to me! It exists and is very alive and ongoing. I don't feel him as much, anymore. I only dream of Mike once in a while, because I believe he is at peace and is living his life over on the other side, where we all live-on after our "schooling" here on earth is up!

I love you Mike - I'll see you again, soon.