Old House Ghost Stories

by Ashley and Tommy

I live in Huntsville, Alabama where you always hear about ghosts, and my house is one of them.Before I tell you my stories, from the back yard you can see the upstairs and down; but from the front, all you see is the upstairs. Some call it the split-house; but it's an old, nice house. And it's had lots of deaths within its walls.

The first story I heard, was about ten years ago. I was about nine, and my grandpa had gone downstairs to get something. When he went into a room to turn a light on, he saw more than that - he saw a man standing in the corner, without a shirt. He turned, shut the door and came back up stairs.

The next story is about my mom and uncle (as kids) who had the two rooms downstairs. My mother was late for school, and so while she was getting ready, she heard bangs and voices in the walls. She said she got under her bed, and called my grandpa who worked one minute away from our house. He ran home and nothing was moved or looked as if anyone came in.

After my mother moved upstairs, my uncle was in bed one night. He woke up to a man sitting on his dresser and a man standing in the corner. There was also a lady with red hair in the doorway, and she was with baby. He told us that was it for him; he woke up and moved out.

When I was pregnant, my boyfriend and I were living here; and he was sleeping in the room where we heard something that sounded like loud bangs, one night. So, I walked upstairs to see if I heard anything (the dining room is up above our room, and the chairs are old, hard to pick up to move. All we had in the house was a small cat). Well, I heard it again, and I got my boyfriend up (to come and look), and we laid there, hearing it all night long.

Three months after that, we lost our little girl; she passed in the same bedroom that all these things had happened in. The same uncle who saw the lady and baby told me (after she passed) that he saw her at his house 50 miles from this home. This time she was at his house with the same baby; and he said he believes it was my little girl. She called his name, smiled, and walked out of the room. He thought he was dreaming, and so, he got up - but no one was there but him, and his wife and little girl were both in bed.