Theorosa's Bridge Ghost Story

from Linda Ritter

There is a bridge outside Wichita, Kansas called Theorosa's bridge.

Some friends and I went to check it out a few nights ago after hearing stories of encounters etc. We decided to go really late, because we've heard that around 3:00 in the morning becomes the "witching hour." The weather was calm that night, no moisture in the air at all and no wind. I have always believed in ghosts, but several of my friends who went did not. I say "did not." Here is what happened.

First, the bridge is kind of hard to find, so we thought the first bridge we came to on the road it's located on was it. We get out and start to explore. The theory goes, if you say outloud "Theorosa, I have your baby," she will come. We did this and nothing happened, no weird feelings, nothing. So after a bit we decide to leave with our non-believers, making severe fun of us.

A ways down the road we came across another bridge, smaller and covered in graphiti. Immediately the fun began. We had two cars and both drove across the bridge stopping on the other side to park. Both drivers got out of the cars, freaking out. Neither knew anything had happened to the other. They both said as they drove over the bridge, they experienced a pressing, tingling sensation over their bodies. Everyone agreed that we had found the spot because we ALL felt a sudden sadness in the air. I have been to several places and had expieriences, but not quite like this.

We proceeded to the middle of the bridge where it is almost deafening quiet and one of our members says, "Theorosa, we have your baby." Nothing happened, so we all started to walk around to explore, but one girl remained in the middle, just listening. The rest of us had gone to the other end of the bridge where there is a plaque about the place, when I noticed she is still on the bridge - now laying down. I thought that something might have happened to her, so I started to run for her when she motioned for me to be quiet. As I quietly approached her, she told me to listen. At first I didn't hear anything; but then, I heard it: the faint cry of a baby. It would whimper and then let out a cry. I got goosebumps!

One by one we had everyone go to the center and listen, not telling anyone what we had heard. EVERYONE, including our non-believers heard the same thing. It sounded like it was coming from below the bridge. One of the guys, thinking someone was below playing tricks on us, took a flashlight below; but there was no one there and the sound never stopped. All of a sudden, he came running back up top and said, "Do you guys hear that?" We listened and could hear what sounded like someone gurgling water. It started out a ways down the creek but kept getting closer and louder. At the same time, we all felt a sudden chill in the air, and several people felt like someone was touching them. I started feeling a heaviness in the air and got suddenly sick to my stomach. The weirdest experience of all was that the same girl who had first heard the baby crying had felt someone or something bump into her that night. And the next morning, she discovered a pretty good size bruise in that very spot on her body. We decided it was time to go when she got bumped.

You'll never convince me it was all just coincidence, as our "non" believers are now believers. There was not one single person there who didn't have an experience.