Andy's Ghost Story

from Andy, who else?

I have a testimonial ghost story/experience to share. Last fall I was checking out an old cemetery not to far from where I live. I had never been in this particular cemetery before, and thought it was just an average normal old cemetery with many graves.

Well, after leaving the cemetery and heading up the road to continue on my journey, strange things began to happen. It was a nice sunny Indian summer day too. I had pulled over to make a pit stop to go to the bathroom, and I swear from then on out for about a week I was haunted. I had never experienced this before and don't want to either. I was a little overtired, but this was more than that.

When I headed back to the car, the feeling came over me that I wasn't alone. It was bad, and it became worse as the week progressed. I believe it lasted about a week. I'll try to describe it in best detail as I can.

I started hearing voices. I never had seen anything visually haunting in this particular experience. These voices were all malevolent, too, and despising. I believe it all stemmed from that cemetery. I might have stumbled across a troubled soul --I believe maybe witchcraft too, might be the case here. It was almost as if someone or "someones" were with me and wanted to hurt me; but never did did, however, make me paranoid and took away my peace of mind. It changed my life in an instant, making me feel isolated and just plain miserable - depressed, I guess. I felt I couldn't go out as much like I wanted to, and I could hardly sleep at night.

With time though, and some good prayer and perseverance, this awful thing finally went away and left me.

Publisher's Note:
We feel this story shares a unique perspective, explaining that haunting can abate - even those rare instances where a ghost attack is troubling a living soul for no apparent reason.