Alexandra's Ghost Encounters

from Alexandra

Story 1
It happened, I believe, at my tenth birthday party. We live in apartments which are a good size. I had a few friends sleeping over and my mom was taking pictures like crazy (oh, you moms).

When we got the pictures back, chills ran down my spine. In one picture, the shades were closed and you couldn't see anything. In the next one (taken five seconds later), the shade was completely open and so was the window. Worst of all, right behind us was a man with army-like clothes and a tall hat with a gun in one hand. He didn't look scary; it was just he had that stare that gave you chills...

Story 2
Well, it was on New Year's Eve. My little brother and I didn't go with our dad, as we usually do, so we went to the library and stayed home. Near midnight maybe (a minute or two before it), I was on the couch. My brother was in front of the TV, and my mom was on the computer - all of us in different corners of the room.

My mom had a little shelf with knick knacks on it, and especially noticeable now, was a snow globe. We were all sitting - doing whatever. The weird thing, was I was reading a book on a girl moving into a haunted house and the ghost falling in love with her; but in the end, she helped him move on (but, she'd always miss him. I just thought how nice it would be to have something like that since I love ghosts). Just then, the clock hit midnight and a snow globe at the other end of the room fell to the floor. Funny thing was we hadn't touched it for a few days. Afterwards, my mom picked it up. We went to her side of the room, and nothing was wrong - but, I felt a chill down my spine.

I got a little scared, but my mom reassured me it was my grandma watching over us...