Karma Ghost Story

from Mell

This incident occured in the early hours of the 11th of Janurary, 2008. My two friends, Rachel and Shannon, were helping me house sit while my parents had gone away for a few days. They wanted me to prove my responsibility by taking care of my 13 year old brother, Ben. We decided to have a competition to see who could stay awake for the longest amount of hours.

After 35 hours of no sleep, we started to run out of things to do and Shannon eventually feel asleep. Earlier that day, we had been surfing the web and came across a really freaky picture of a girl who had been brutily bashed, but was still alive. Rachel couldn't get the image out of her mind, and she started to get freaked out. It was around 3:00 am; Rachel, Ben and I decided to play a game of Monopoly. By 4:30 am, Rachel became so paranoid that she wouldnt leave the room without another person with her, (not even to go to the toilet). I decided to make a game out of it and freak her out. So suddenly, I screamed and stared in horror behind her. She jumped in shock and started to hit me while I was laughing...it was so funny. I decided to do it a few more times...after about ten times, she started to lose interest. I really wanted to do it once more, so I waited about 15 minutes. As I got ready to scare her once more, I turned my head and standing in the doorway behind her, I saw a tall, white object floating around the corner from were Shannon was sleeping. I couldn't breath, started bawling my eyes out, and couldn't stop shaking. Rachel and Ben didn't know what to do; they knew I wasn't joking this time.

I tried my hardest to explain what I saw, but was tembling so much Rachel had trouble understanding what I was saying. I slowly pieced together what had happened.

Rachel started to really freak out big time! She started screaming out for Shannon. Eventually Shannon woke up and looked around the corner to see what was going on. By this time, Rachel was on the verge of tears and Shannon raced to see why everyone was freaking out. Shannon, being the sensible one, tried to calm us all down and find out what was going on. I was still in shock and couldn't speak. I was shaking and crying so much that Shannon was getting worried. So Rachel explained to Shannon what she knew of the story. When I finally calmed down, I told them all what happend. Even though Shannon tried to assure us that we were just tired and it was probably just my mind playing tricks on me, there was no way any of us were going to sleep now.

A few hours later, the sun came up and we started to settle down. We had some power shortages in the street which didn't help the situation. Having nothing else to do we, sat in the living room and just had a general chat. Somehow, the earlier incident was brought back into the conversation. I didn't want to talk about it much, because I still wasn't sure what was going on.

Rachel was still paranoid about the picture on the web and started to make comments like, "Could you imagine if that was the thing you saw?" and "I can just imagine her standing in front of us now," etc. As Rachel glanced down stairs into the kitchen, she shreiked, jumped off the lounge, ran to me, grabbed my arm and described what she had seen to me. It was in such detail, that I came to realize it was just like what I had seen earlier that morning. She described simularities that I hadn't even spoken of.

After alot of discussion and possible outcomes, we had come to a theory that maybe this "spirit" was a "Karma ghost," as it appeard that I had only seen it after tricking Rachel, and Rachel had only seen it after freaking me out.

We're not exactly sure of what we saw, but we all agree that it was no coincidence.