Mini Ghost Story

A spooky little tale from Michelle

One night, this really young girl about four years of age went to bed and slept with her mom for the night.

Her mom woke up in the middle of the night, and her daughter wasn't there. She obviously was worried, so she ran to ring someone. When she went out in the hall, her daughter was there with her back facing towards her; she was talking to herself. The mother went up to her and started asking who she was talking to. She said, "An old friend." But no one was there.

The mom initially thought that her kid might be going mental, and she didn't want her child to go into a psychiatric facility. So, she grabbed her daughter and took her back to bed.

As soon as the child was back in bed with her mom, she started banging her head up against the wall saying, "Mommy, tell her to stop." "Tell who to stop what?" the mother replied. "My old friend. The one who died, Sarah. She's choking me!"

Sarah, a ghost, was strangling the daughter in an attempt to silence her. The mom was scared, not knowing what to do - so she telephoned for medical help. An ambulance came straight away, and took the daughter away for evaluation. She would later return to the home with her mom, normal.

An uneventful week passed, but the mother eventually learned that her little girl wasn't crazy. The ghost of Sarah paid the mom a visit, one night, in a dream. You see, she revealed that she was perpetually searching for her parents, seeking revenge against them for killing her. Whoever Sarah felt might be in her way, she would try and attack, being desperate to resolve her situation.