Cemetery Ghost Story

by Leslie G.

My friend, Ciara and I were walking down the sidewalk. We couldn't think of anything to do. Then we came up to a cemetery.

We decided to go and have a look at the stones. We walked through the gate and felt a chill go down our spine. I shivered a little, but I kept going. Ciara started looking at the trees and wouldn't look away. Finally I asked her what was wrong and she pointed. I looked at the trees and had a horrifying look on my face as I froze. In the distance, a man was standing in the trees and we could see almost all the way through him. It was hard to see him.

Then we noticed that he started walking around the cemetery as if he was looking for something. We ended up following him to see if he was alright. Once we got close enough, we both noticed that he was a ghost. Ciara let out a loud scream as she seen him disappear into thin air. I stared at the empty spot he was standing in a second ago.

My friend was already running to the gate at the entrance. I started following her. She turned around to see if I was coming or not. Then all of a sudden, the gate doors slammed shut and the jumped back terrified. I ran up to the gate trying to open it. But it wouldn't budge.

I got out my cellphone and tried calling the police. My phone went dead right away. I shut it off and stuck it back into my pocket. We tried to climb over the fence but it felt like it was growing bigger and we finally gave up. A few seconds later we discovered that the doors had opened back up. Then we heard a creaking sound. We both ran to the gate and leaped out as if we were stuck in a cage for our lives. I started the car and we drove aways. We both decided that we would never go into that place ever again.