Ghost Story: My Daddy's Gift

by Cali Holtzinger

My whole life, my dad and I have shared the ability of "sight," I guess you could call it.

Well, this story takes place in my dad's house. He has always had a spirit there; she calls herself "Sarah." She is young, and always appears in long, old-fashioned dresses. She is friendly and doesn't cause too much disruption; however, this one night it was kind of scary. We had just had a bad snow storm, and there were many accidents in the area. My dad has lots of cats in his house. People say cats have a sense about spirits. Well, all six of the cats stood, this night, at the attic door with their paws on the door - like they were trying to keep it closed.

My step-brother was the one to find them like this, so he called for my step-mom. She, being a skeptic anyway, thought nothing of it and went to open the door. My dad told her not to - he said he didn't think it was a good idea right now, as he had a bad feeling about it.

Of course, my step-mom didn't listen and opened the door. The ghost Sarah came down the steps. Following her was what looked like the spirits of a man and two little girls badly hurt, apparently, from some sort of an accident. My step mom doesn't ever see spirits - until then, that is.

My step-mom hasn't seen them since, but Sarah still makes her appearances, never as dramatic as that night, but she makes herself known. Oh, and to this day, the cats will not walk past the attic door.