Jonathan's Ghost Stories

by Cynthia M. Hand

One day I was visiting my grandparents around the age of eleven, which I do three or more times a year. We just got home from a shopping trip to get me some clothes, when they went into the kitchen and in their rooms to sort stuff, cook, etc. I went down the hall to my room to get my Game Boy. For some reason, I went to look at a picture hanging by their bedroom door that had my grandparent's hugging on a cruise ship with guard railings - as if it were a wrestling ring. I stared at it for about a minute thinking. I first thought it was a wrestling ring, and I noticed a man grinning with pure black eyes; and the rest of his body was foggy white in the picture. He had his arms around my grandparents, and made the gesture of two fingers going across the neck of them...laughed and disappeared. A month later, my grandma had a stroke on a Tuesday in spring, but surprisingly she lived. Every time I think of that man I feel like he's still watching me.

Another day, I had a problem with electricity while fixing the breaker box which had somehow "flipped out." I was remembering my paranormal past with ghosts, spectres, etc. I was almost done switching them when one of the switches just flipped, out of no where. I flipped it again, and it kept going back. So I flipped it again, and it stayed there. I shut the breaker box, and all the switches kept flipping and flipping more. I went over to get an electronic/paranormal freak (sorta' like me). He came over, and they kept flipping. Then when he fixed them, they stopped flipping!!! We shut the breaker box, and he decided to stay the night to see if there were anymore paranormal things happening. Later that night, we saw a head come out of the corner above the TV, and we just stared at it saying, "What the heck is that?" I didn't know, so I got my BB gun out and shot at it. It actually said, "Ouch! Hey, why did you do that? We were both shocked and couldn't talk or blink. Then its head started bobbing like a bobble head doll...back and forth...back and forth. Then, it started going faster and faster, and then it stopped. It started to come towards me, and for some reason we couldn't talk. I thought of grabbing my BB gun, but my body was entirely numb. So right when it got about an inch away from my face, I got the feeling in my punching arm (how lucky am I?). I took a swing at it, and my hand went straight through it, but it flew across the room. So it came at me faster, and just stopped saying, ''If you do that again I'm going to 'rraaauuggh.' It backed up in fear, so I reached for my gun again, and it just flew outside the window - no sound after that. The head just flew after it for some reason, and went through the wall to the right of my head. I was too scared to look at it. I reached for the light switch, and it started to reach for me with an arm that came out of mid-air, about an inch under his chin, but two feet away to the right of it. I made it to the light switch, and it flew through the wall and disappeared.

One day at my old house in Silvercreek, Washington in the year 2000, my dad and I went to empty the lawnmower shavings from inside the sack. My dad would always get in the back of the truck bed, after parking it full of shavings right on ta cliff. Well my dad wanted me to stand on it for some reason, and I lost my balance. I blacked-out for what seemed like a millennia and saw my frightened face looking down into the ravine. Time was frozen, and my eyes couldn't even move. Then all of a sudden, I was on the ground by the truck. I knew I was breathing, but I had the feeling I hadn't been able to breathe for about a minute. This lasted until my dad brought me up the hill into my grandma's house. As I lost consciousness, but before I was beside the truck, I saw a little girl smile and snap her fingers at me and disappear. From this day on, I know I'm being watched by the same little girl in a white bonnet.