Ghost Investigation Story

from Paul Dale Roberts

H.P.I. Chronicles: Full Body Apparition Captured on Film at the Gaines Residence in Orangevale! On the Trail of the I-5 Killer Randall Woodfield/ I-5 Strangler Roger Kibbe Possible Murder Site. A Look at the Globe Mill and 300 Capitol Mall.

I have a date set up to take some new paranormal investigators-in-training/scouts to take them to I-5 and Sutterville where either the I-5 Killer Randall Woodfield or I-5 Strangler Roger Kibbe took their victim for a night of rape and murder. There is some confusion on which I-5 Killer committed a murder there and I will explain later.

On November 4, Sunday, I am conducting a scouting party for HPI. We were supposed to stop at Globe Mill and 300 Capitol Mall before investigating the murder site of the I-5 Killer. There was a problem. On Tuesday, October 30, 2007, I went on my own to Globe Mill, they are renovating this building and there are signs that say - No Trespassing, the Police Will Make Arrests. I wanted to take my HPI team to this historic site, but with those trespassing signs that are placed around the building, it doesn't seem like a good idea. Michele Stump, Researcher found this information for me:

"Sacramento pioneer John Sutter is credited with building the first flour mill in the Sacramento area in 1840. Because of the demand by the thousands of gold seekers flooding the tent city of Sacramento and the difficulty in obtaining supplies, the price of flour soared to $26 a barrel by the end of 1848. By 1852 there were six mills operating in and around Sacramento and they all utilized the transportation the Sacramento River provided to ship their flour to the gold fields and instant communities that sprang up around them. The Sacramento Valley summers dried the wheat enough for it to easily ship to foreign markets intact. When it began in 1853, the Phoenix Flouring Mill ground grain to feed livestock. By 1860 the mill was producing 20,000 bushels of wheat ground to flour by steam power. The business changed hands in 1868, and after surviving a fire in 1872 that necessitated building a new brick storehouse, the mill changed hands one again in 1881. The new owners rebuilt in 1885 after another fire and incorporated in 1891. Phoenix sold out to the Globe Milling Co. (after refusing earlier to join the Sperry Flour Combine) a few years before Globe was dissolved by the state in 1928."

I discovered that Globe Mill is 90 years old, has been through several fires. In the fire of 1872, 3 people died inside the building and supposingly Globe Mill is haunted by the three men who lost their lives in this fire. I can't imagine how horrific it must be to die in a fire. It brought back memories of when I was 12 years old and I was left in my Monterey home by myself, as my older brother went to his girlfriend's house. I was playing with matches and the pine needles on the ground caught on fire and before I knew it, the pine tree was on fire. I frantically tried to put out the fire with a garden hose and my neighbors called the fire department. They extinguished the fire in time. I was too scared to tell my parents when I got home and it wasn't until a month later, my dad is looking out the back window and says: "Rose (my mom's name)..our pine tree looks like it was through a fire", then his next word was…"DALE!" My dad would always call me by my middle name..Dale. I knew I was in trouble. One year later, my dad took me to the State Fair and walked me up to Smokey the Bear and had me confess about playing with matches. I never played with matches again after be scolded by Smokey the Bear. But, enough of my childhood flashbacks, let's go back to the Globe Mill. Another ghost that haunts Globe Mill is Sledge Mahoney. Sledge was a well-built man with a reputation for drinking. He would frequent the local bars and became known for his barroom brawling. One day while working at the Mill, Sledge got caught up in the crusher (compressor). His clothing somehow got entangled in this machine and he was crushed to death. A mixture of bone fragments, flour, blood and skin were the only thing left of Sledge. Some of his co-workers didn't shed a tear for his demise. I went over to Globe Mill and did an outside perimeter investigation and took some pictures of some small orbs. I used my Listen Up sound enhancer and the only thing I heard was a cat meowing somewhere in this gutted out building. I didn't come across Sledge Mahoney. My next stop was 300 Capitol Mall. Michele Stump had this to say:

"The actual parking structure is located at 300 Capital Mall, in the State Controller's Office parking garage. I found an article written by a local historian that found that this site was the site of the 'Sacramento State Hospital,' a mental hospital, in 1953. It was only in operation for a short time until the state hospital was transferred to Stockton. I'm not sure if the hauntings are related but it is possible."

300 Capitol Mall is where our illustrious President Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe saw her first full body apparition of a man. When I was at 300 Capitol Mall, I knew this is not a place to investigate, due to security, security cameras, etc. If I bring a large group of people through here, they will be thinking we are there to case out the cars and again we could all be arrested for grand theft auto, even though we didn't steal any cars. I looked around and didn't see any ghosts and drove home and wondered how I can satisfy a group of enthusiastic ghost hunters. Then it dawned on me!

First off I will take them to I-5 / Sutterville, the I-5 Killer Murder site, this is accessible to the public. Some history on the I-5 Killer aka Randall Woodfield. Randall is credited with 13 homicides. He was a very handsome man, muscular and athletic. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers. Due to the fact he kept exposing himself during his football training, the Green Bay Packers sent him home. Randall tried to obtain fame, by later posing for Playgirl. Randall had a darkside, he fantasized about sodomy, rape and murder. After sodomizing and raping his victims, his method of killing was usually to shoot them. He was finally arrested by the police in Huntington Beach, where he was sunning himself. There was another I-5 Killer, he was also known as the I-5 Strangler aka Roger Kibbe. There was a book written about Roger, it's called Trace Evidence. This sick serial killer would pick up hitchhiking women and when he had them in his car, he would pull out a pair of scissors and start snipping at the fabric of their clothing. Roger is credited with 20 homicides, but police say he may have killed up to 38. He was convicted of 2 counts of murder-rape in El Dorado County. Most of his murder victims were in the Sacramento area.

Here is where the confusion lies. Most people think it was Randall Woodfield who pulled into I-5 and Sutterville to rape and murder his victim, but some police sources say it wasn't Randall at all, it was Roger Kibbe. But from all accounts there was a rape murder at this location, but there is some debate on which I-5 Killer did it.

Now let's get on with this scouting mission. Let's take a roll call of the paranormal investigators/scouts that showed up: Paul Dale Roberts/Ghostwriter/Lead Scout Investigator; Donna Reynolds, Robin Kanstein, Shauna Kinchen, Debbie Talani, Holly DeLaughter, Sparky Parker, Robert Mabalot, Paul Orlando, Julie Robinson, Leah Cuadra, Angel Kesti, Michele Stump and her daughter, Jon Almada and Cheri Vincent.

We all met up at Starbucks and I fully briefed them about the two I-5 Killers, Roger Kibbe and Randall Woodfield. I introduced the newbies to some of the experienced investigators like Michele Stump - our researcher, that elaborated more on the I-5 Killers. I introduced Holly DeLaughter, Donna Reynolds and Debbie Talani, who have been on some investigations and are familiar with most of the ghost hunting equipment that we use.

When I took my scouts/paranormal investigators to I-5/Sutterville, Jon Almada, a psychic was pulled to the left, he felt nervous energy. He says that he felt like he was pulled by force to a certain location and then when he went to that location, he felt like something was grabbing his throat. Robin Kanstein feels something by two bushes and is drawn to one of the bushes. Holly on our preliminary investigation captures a black orb on the Sacramento River. On this scouting mission, only the intuitives were picking up on impressions. On a scientific level, we captured no EVPs or photographs of anything paranormal. EVPs are hard to capture during the daytime, because the freeway is right next to this location and sometimes there are powerboats in the river. It was time to move on.

I told my scouts that I had bad news and good news for them. The bad news is that we were not going to investigate Globe Mill, they have 'no trespassing' signs everywhere. The good news is that we were going to do a residential haunting investigation. I looked around and everyone had a big smile on their face! It's time to head up Hwy 80 to the Gaines Home. We were greeted by Jeanette Lehman and her husband Jake. Jeanette briefed the group about the activities they have experienced. The team was enthusiastic and excited to get started. The group was armed with temperature gauges, electronic audio recorders, digital cameras, Listen Up sound enhancers and groups were formed. Some groups investigated the bedrooms, Debbie Talani lead one group to the backyard, another group did the living room/kitchen areas and another group went to the side of the house near the creek.

On this night, we had some incredible findings, let me give you the run down:


  • Leah takes some gorgeous orb shots throughout the house and one orb is yellow in color. The yellow orb is taken in the backyard.
  • Holly gets the 2nd prize with a brilliant bright huge orb moving at rapid pace in the backyard and what appears to be a tail on the orb. Could this be Bogie: The Ghost Dog? A ghostly German Shepherd with no legs is often seen in this home.
  • Angel gets the 1st prize with a picture of a FULL BODIED APPARITION ! It appears to be a man standing by the doorway, he is standing sideways, you can see his eyes, mouth, nose and his strange clothing. Everyone is absolutely amazed at this photograph, even the occupants.
  • Everyone gets a whiff of perfume smell in the hallway, then it dissipates as fast as it came. Then it comes around again and starts moving to another room. Cherie discovers a teddy bear with perfume smell and the occupants say they have never sprayed this teddy bear with perfume and could not understand why the Shauna felt something in the back of her neck, as it was going past her like a fast moving breeze.
  • Cold spots are detected in the bedroom.
  • Donna Reynolds uses her wooden pendulum, she explains to me that if it goes clockwise it means 'yes' and counter clockwise is 'no' The information she gathers is a from a small boy age 6 years old. He only tells her he is a boy and that he is 6 and he stays in this house.
  • More pungent flower smell emanates in the home and everyone smells it. 
  • Everyone runs outside because a CHAIR STARTS MOVING ON ITS OWN ACCORD. I asked if anyone bumped it and I reenacted what could have happened if someone were to bump it and it didn't move the way it was moving by itself. I am not going to bless this as an actual paranormal incident, but the way the chair was moving, rocking back and forth and vibrating was quite unusual and it moved for a long time afterward. When bumping it, the movement is short lived. Everyone swore up and down that they did not bump into this chair.
  • Jon picks up on the name of Tyler and asks the occupant if they have a dog named Tyler. The occupant confirms the name of one of her dogs. She truly does have a dog named Tyler.
  • Robin captures a picture of another yellow orb and everyone has now captured pictures of orbs throughout the house and outside of the residence.
  • Julie gets an EVP of a tapping sound. She asks the entity to make its presence known by tapping on the wall and there is a loud tap.
  • Debbie Talani gets touched on her back.
  • Shawna, Jeanette and Jon are touched at different times of the investigation.
  • Holly is in the back bedroom and is meditating, when all of sudden there is a loud click on the dresser. 
  • Some equipment was malfunctioning for no apparent reason. Cameras stopped snapping photos, then later would work again. Temperature gauges and electronic audio recorders were having snafus.

Jeanette and her husband Jake explain to me that not too long ago, they had a very unusual paranormal experience. Jeanette was trying to watch 'House' and the TV on its own started acting weird, they have a satellite dish and the TV started looking for other channels and presented static snow on the screen. Later the TV was back to normal and House came on.

Jeanette was saying that the last time we were at her residence, we didn't get much action. Tonight was the Disneyland of Spookiness! Jon was saying how this investigation 'rocked'! I have to admit, with all of the excitement that happened tonight, it did 'rock!' After the investigation was over, Cherie Vincent became the lead investigator and took a group of people to the Folsom cemetery. For most, this night was not over, for me it was time to tell a story. Debbie Talani - Ghostwriter-in-Training was taking down her notes and is writing the story as viewed from her own eyes.

This was an amazing investigation and perhaps the entities were feeding off the positive energy that we released in this home.