Is It Grandfather?

by Brittany

I've been trying to find a logical explanation to this, but I just can't seem to.

My house was built for us, only eight years ago, so there was no one living in it other than us. It started a little after my grandfather died. I would sometimes feel like someone was watching me, but when I told my parents, they said I'm just trying to get used to the fact that my grandfather was dead, and it's having an emotional effect on me. I knew that couldn’t be it. About a year passed without any problems, but then it started again. I would feel like someone was behind me when I was walking alone in the hallways, I would hear things, and worst of all, there would be times when as while trying to go to sleep, I would feel my bed moving, like a faint shake. It scared me really bad.

Eventually, my parents sent me to stay the night at my grandmother's. Finally I had a peaceful night, but as I started to wake up the next morning, I heard what to me sounded like a man talking! I sat up and there was NO ONE IN THE ROOM! I tried to rule it out as me dreaming, but I couldn’t seem to push it out of my head.

I put up with all this for about another month or two, ruling it all out with a "logical explanation." And then my cousin spent the night. It was really late and my family was long asleep. We were just talking about any little thing in our lives; typical teenage conversation. Then we heard this really loud noise. It made us both jump. I stood and turned on the lights and looked around, and I saw my little Chinese cat statue on the floor. It was on my shelf, but now it was here on the floor, a bit of distance away. "It could've just fallen down," I reasoned in my head. After a little while, with the lights off again, my cousin got really quiet and said to me ,"Why is the bed shaking?" That’s how I knew that this was real. It wasn’t imagination, as much as I really wanted it to be.

I recently took this picture in the corner of my room to see if anything would show up. This is what I got. It could be anything, but I figured I'd send it to you, because I can't find an explanation. No one smokes in my house. My dad forbids it. It could be anything, like I said, I don’t know. I'll let you be the judge.

Okay, I have another story for you. I swear that it’s the honest truth, primarily because my father told me about it. I was too young to remember it. I've always believed in ghosts and everything that dealt with the supernatural, and this is why. We lived in a very old apartment when I was four or five. My grandparents lived just downstairs, so they were around a lot. My grandmother was in our apartment room one day, watching my two year old brother (he's 13 now). Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone run past her, giggling. She saw it again, and realized that it was a little girl, around six or seven. She was wearing a white dress and her blond hair was put in a half pony, and tied in a bow. A couple days later, she heard her singing a lullaby to my baby brother on the baby monitor.

My mom had an experience with this little girl. She was watching her soap operas one day, and suddenly the channel changed to Sesame Street! My mom was like "Oh no, absolutely not. I'm not sitting here watching Sesame Street." So she changed the channel back...and so did the girl. My mom told her to stop, and she did. She left the TV alone.

Now for the scary part. This girl never posed a threat before, but this time came close. My little brother one night got very sick. He was running a very high fever, which was never a good thing, because he once had a seizure due to a fever. My father was with my grandmother in the kitchen, and they were talking about something. I don’t know what, because I was with my mom at the time. The baby monitor was standing on the table next to them. Suddenly they heard that little girl talking to my brother. They heard her say, "Come with me. I'll take care of you." To my father's surprise, my brother responded, "No. I wanna stay with my mommy and daddy..." Scared half to death, my dad ran to the room my brother was in, with my grandmother behind him. He picked up my brother and said, "Leave him alone. He isn't going anywhere!" My dad said he didn’t sleep that night, or the next.

Although I can't remember ever having any experiences, my parents said I did. I do remember one thing though. I remember feeling like a was going to throw up one night. The bathroom was down the hall from my room, but I was scared to death to go. I don’t remember why. I just remember that raw fear...