Lady in White Ghost Story

by Laurel Lee Vize

There were thirty-three of us on an island two months ago (this was Spring 2005). This particular island has a tragic past. A few people were on the beach and could hear didgerdoos (an aboriginal pipe-like musical instrument). I felt a very strong presence and decided to keep quiet. The island in recent years has been tidied up, old huts removed, re-vegetation etc.

I was walking back to my shared cabin late in the day, and a woman in white passed me. I thought she was another camper, and after a second look, I realised she had no feet. I kept this very quiet, until the groundsman the next day told a group of us (about her), after a few felt some odd things. He described the woman I saw. I still kept quiet, as I didn't know these people well enough.

On the last day, I did open up and tell three of them about what I had seen. A few others also found out about it on the boat while on our way home. According to the groundsman, the lady in white has frightened other campers in the past. I believe one or two people actually followed her. She has apparently been inside some of the newer huts. She disappears into the oldest existing hut and comes from bushes that are a little over-grown.

He didn't believe the other campers in the past until he saw her. She appears to be looking for something. One camper who previously had an experience with her, says she is looking for her baby. What I saw, is she is looking down...almost walked through me (as I stood back). I actually thought that lady was very rude! Then the realisation of "no feet" sunk in.

My grandmother whom I told this to vaguely remembers a woman living on the island. She thinks she was murdered. I even told the groundsman, maybe something has been disturbed with all the clean up over the last few years. Anyway, believe it or not, it was very real. I thought you may like to know.