Ghost Girl Story

by Casey T.

In Oklahoma, some teenagers like to go spook (ghost) hunting when they get bored and have nothing to do. They usually go to a spooky place, like an old rundown house, a deserted part of the woods, or to a cemetery that's way off by itself.

So, naturally that’s where I and my friends decided to go, to a cemetery that was way off in the woods way away from any civilization. We chose this cemetery, because of all the stories about it that we had heard at school from other friends. One story was that when you enter the cemetery from the long, grown-over road the first thing you see is a stone angel that will be facing one way, but when you enter the very next time you will see the angel facing a different direction. My friends and I wanted to see if this was true, and of course we didn’t believe it; we just wanted to prove it wrong and to tell everybody what we had done and then we would all be considered brave.

I drove out to the cemetery that night down the long, grown-over dirt road and when we made it to the cemetery we saw the stone angel, and everything looked natural so I turned my truck around and backed up into the cemetery. Even though it was night time there was a full moon so it was easy to see that there were no obstacles in the way.

When parked, I looked around and no one was ready to get out. I guess saying you’re going to go spook hunting and be brave is a lot easier when your not in a graveyard when it’s dark outside. So naturally, I had to be the first to get out and test the waters. I rolled down my window and listened…when I decided that it was safe I opened my door and got out and stood there. When no one made any motions of getting out I said, "Come on, we didn't come all this way out here for nothing."

None of them wanted to get out, and then I heard what sounded like a little girl crying. I looked around, half expecting to see a little girl on the other side of the truck, behind me, or somewhere further up into the cemetery, but I didn't see anyone. So I thought the worst and I looked underneath my truck thinking that I might have backed over a little girl. It hadn't yet dawned on me, what in the heck would a little girl be doing in a graveyard this time at night alone! So by this time, I was a little weirded-out, but like I said, it hadn't yet dawned on me.

I looked inside the truck, as I had brought two other girls with me: my sister and my friend Brittney. So I asked Shalina (my sister) if she was crying. She said, "No," in that offended tone, as if crying would have been embarrassing to do in front of guys. Then I asked our friend Brittany the same thing and her reply was exactly the same as my sister's. That's when it dawned on me how weird it would be for a little girl to be alone in the graveyard at this time of night.

I jumped in the truck as fast as I could, rolled up my window, and locked the door. The guy that was sitting on the passenger side also locked his door. They immediately asked me what was wrong, and I told them that I thought that I had heard a little girl crying but couldn't see anyone; and that's why I had asked both of the girls if they had been crying.

The guy sitting by the opposite door decided to roll down his window to see if he could hear anything. When he rolled it down, all of us could hear it again, but to me, it sounded a whole lot louder. Then I turned around to see my sister acting peculiar. She was putting her face close to the window then backing away, then putting her face close again, and backing away again. Then she seemed to realize what she was seeing and started slapping Brittney on the arm and pointing at the window. Brittney looked and kind of did the same movements, but realized what she was seeing a lot sooner. I barely had time to look at the window and see for myself what they were seeing, for my sister grabbed my neck from the backseat and started shaking me screaming, "Casey, go go go go go go go!" I didn't wait for her to let go. I started my truck and was sliding down the grown-over dirt road without a second thought.

When we had safely made it back out onto the main highway, we explained to the rest of our friends what we had seen even though they weren't a bit reluctant about getting out of there when we did. They were unaware that a little ghost girl had been staring into the truck window, not a foot away from Shalina's face. She was dressed in an old dress that had a lot of ruffles and had long dark hair; but where her face was it seemed like it was shadowed out. You couldn’t see her face.

Since then, I haven’t been back to the cemetery, and I don’t plan to go back there ever again.