Ghost Sightings Stories

from an anonymous 12 year old

Publisher's Note: We feel that the account of ghost sightings as related in the above stories by our 12 year old author are intriguing when considered. Many times, we want to discount our experiences from when we were younger or write-off the stories of children and teenagers that seem, maybe, beyond our ideas of "normal." But, what if these children were more sensitive to the paranormal and able to see spirits at that time of their lives because they were open to the idea? What if they were not yet mentally-conditioned (matured?) to the point of not being able to see ghosts and spirits? I think that if each of us take some time to reflect on our childhood, perhaps, we might recall happenings that we would now struggle to believe were real. But were they just the products of an inventive mind? Could they have been real but simply forgotten or dismissed? Take some time to ponder your life, reconsidering what you deem to be "unreal."

The following are a group of ghost sightings and a couple of stories from my town. To start out, I'm a young, budding psychic, going on 12. I sense things around me, but I have trouble catching glimpses of entities and other beings. I always try to be happy with my sensing ability, but it makes the ability to know your around an entity quite frightening. You have a sixth sense, and you know someone's following you, watching you, and going through the corner of your eye -- just a shadow. Some people know when and where they, or "it" will pounce...but I can't. At least not, yet. I have psychic gifts in my blood and am influenced by this quite a lot. My friends also have these types of abilities. My friends included in this will have their names altered. I'll start out with an older things in my memory.

Sightings Ghost StoriesBlue-Colored Ghost & Orb Sightings
My dad owns a couple of acres of farmland near a vast field. There is a hill that dips into it, and Native Americans once probably pitched tents there to keep a good eye, hunt, and to grow crop. I also realized that along with this, many deaths and murders occurred in this area, so I have an uneasy feeling around there sometimes. I was walking there, hunting for arrowheads, artifacts, and maybe even a spiritual sighting. I got my wish. I started to get the uneasy, gutsy feeling I get when around entities, and saw something in the corner of my eye...a figure, taller than me (it looked like). I decided to turn my head to get a full image. I did, and five feet away from me was a blue-colored figure; it looked like a male. I stared, wide-eyed for a brief few seconds, and it was gone. I still get uneasy around there. Also, I was at lunch in the 5th grade, when a big, black, orb zoomed across the room. Nobody noticed it (I think), but I asked my friend Tiffany if she'd seen it, and she nodded. That elementary school had many occurrences, also...but not as much as now. So, I won't get into that.

Recent Ghost Sightings (within the past month - April 2006):
There are many ghosts around my school, one who died in recent years: a young girl. She is sighted by my friends and I, often. She died in a car accident when she was going to high school; my school (It's now a middle school). She is in our auditorium often, and that hallway gives me the chills. She is also seen along with others in our never used, (even by janitors) attic. She is a pretty peaceful spirit, but she scared me once. My friend, Michy and I were in the bathroom, directly next to the auditorium. We were talking about her, and when a girl who was clueless about the young ghost left, we heard a loud banging in the pipes. We screamed and ran out of the bathroom.

My friend Kaley and I were in an alley at the outside of the unused ex-high school part of my school when we got a very eerie feeling. We were afraid to go up the stairs (which led to a fire escape that was about 18 feet from a tall balcony) because the higher, the eerier. The thing was...if we held hands, the strange feeling went away. We walked down the stairs, and a cold burst of air went right through her. Needless to say, we ran until a block away.

I call this, "The Long, Haunted Adventure." Yesterday (4.28.06), me and my friends Kaley, Tia, and I were in the same alley and all got the same feeling. Kelsy said she felt an odd feeling like someone or something was jumping onto her. We all agreed in the same spot at the same time. There was a balcony about 25 feet high, or so, that you could only get into from the building. You know how when you try to clean blood from a surface, and it still stains and dries tan? We saw a mass area of that under the balcony. It seemed like someone had jumped from it, and died. Suicide, or maybe, pushed? We just don't know. We joined with our friend, Alvin and his dogs, and we conversed about a girl in yellow that the girls and I had seen earlier. She'd disappeared after we'd seen her. "You see her, too?," Alan asked. This girl apparently was a ghost. We would also see her many other times over the next hour while we were on the school grounds.

Alvin also told us about a little dog that haunts him frequently. He once woke up to it on his bedside, panting. He neared it, and it growled at him. His door also makes loud noises throughout the night. We were going across a bridge, and Kelsy made a comment on an area that seemed like something had crashed there. There was a medium-width river, and there was a large, fielded area, looking like a car had driven through it. We also questioned why there was a weight limit going into a mere track field. 

We walked toward a fence, and we sense that a man was following us. I ran toward my friends, frightened. There was an abandoned red car near a closed barn. The barn door had a crack and dent in it, evidence of someone trying to get in. The door on the side of this building also had a dent in the knob. I kept seeing someone in the driver's seat in the car, but looking directly, there was no one. Alvin said there was a knocking inside. We silenced, and a loud knock rang. It was just Alvin knocking in reply, but we all got a big scare: Alvin from our scream, us from his knock, and collectively, from slight voices heard inside. We fled from the area finding ourselves walking toward some woods. Tia complained about a stabbing in her side that was striking her with pain. There were fresh footprints there, and the dogs were becoming restless. They whined frequently in this area. Kaley was quite frightened in this area, too. Was it from our fear or just similar psychic impressions? We left quickly, and leaving, from a distance we saw the little dog, sitting there in front of the woods we had just left. As we neared the end of our haunted journey, we talked about how we knew we'd all be psychics when we were older, not counting Kaley. Alvin, Tia, and I all felt a close bond between each other. Our families all came from similar countries, especially Alvin and mine. We all look somewhat alike, and I was friends with him the moment I met him. He moved to our town while in the 4th grade, and we knew we'd be best friends from the moment we met. We still are today. Somehow, we know that we are related, or have known each other in our past lives possibly. We all went home, and will probably remember this most recent adventure for a while.