Adrienne's Ghost Sightings

by Adrienne, Trumbull, Connecticut

I am 10 years old and have seen a few sightings of ghosts (or ghost-like beings).

One bright summer day, I was coming home from school. My house has a small part of stairs you must climb through, to enter my house. As I walked up the stairs, I noticed this crazy looking guy in a tuxedo, without a head, off to the side. Without thinking, I raced upstairs and told my grandma, who was the only one home besides my sister at the time. My grandma is the only one who ever believes me, so when I told her, she went downstairs with me to check it out. But of course, nothing was there. Yet a year and a half later, I saw the same dude at the end of the stairs to the attic. This time, he had his fists clenched and was looking at me (well, it looked like he was). Once I told my mom, she just replied, "Adrienne, it's your imagination." So far, I haven't seen him since. To this day, I'm uncomfortable whenever I go up there.

I have a little brother who was seven months old at the time (now he's a year old). I was in the attic watching the television with my mom and Jordan (my little brother). Out of nowhere, he starts smiling and looking at the ceiling. I have an aunt that died when I was very young. I barely remember her, but I think that is who Jordan was seeing. About four months later, my mom found an old, dusty picture of her before she died. I still have that picture. It is on top of my Bible with a cross.

Now, this isn't a ghost story but it's pretty weird. One day I came home from school, and my mom was in the driveway in her car. She told me to get in the car, because we were going shopping. After waiting for my sister and grandma to get in, we left. We ended up staying until 11:00 PM on a school night.

My mom still wanted to fit in some more shopping, so she dropped me off with my sister (who was fifteen at the time). But right before she left, I called her back to give her a hug. I just felt that I wouldn't see her the next morning. So the next day I came home from school, my mom asked me why I had hugged her the night before. "I don't know. I just felt like it," I shrugged. "Well, that's weird, because last night I almost got in a car crash. Two cars that were right in front of me hit each other," she said. Sometimes, I feel like if I hadn't hugged her, I wouldn't have ever seen her again.