Seance Ghost Story

A Séance That Produced Very Scary Results!
by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter

We all have hobbies, but my hobby is a bit unusual, I investigate the paranormal. Today is Friday, January 11, 2008. I am headed to a home in the south area of Sacramento. I am meeting up with Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe. We are ready to conduct a preliminary investigation on a home that is claimed to be haunted. The occupant Sue Gray says that she moved into this home in February 25, 1984. The home is built on an area that used to be strawberry fields. The activity started in 1990. Simple things started happening, car keys and ATM card are missing for a few days and reappear in plain sight. Then things started escalating. Things start feeling weird in the bathroom. Sue's son hears someone in the bedroom talking to another person and when entering the bedroom, there is no one there. It appears that Sue is fond of antiques, she has an old rocker that belonged to a family friend. She has a kitchen table that is over 100 years old, it once belonged to her neighbor's great aunt. She has a hutch that is over 100 years old and once a woman in an apron appeared next to this hutch. Could it be that the antiques that Sue brought into her home, made her home haunted? Could the antiques carry some type of residual energy to cause the haunting? Could the furniture contain psychometric energy to disclose their secrets?

When Sue took family pictures around the house, she noticed on her photographs, that she was taking pictures of orbs. In one photo she showed Shannon and I, that there are 5 glowing red small orbs near a family member. When taking pictures in the backyard, she takes a picture that shows several orbs. The most significant activity that occurred in this home, is that a dark figure of a man was seen in the backyard floating from one end of the backyard to the other end. The same dark figure of a man was seen in the bathroom by a family member. Then not too long after the dark figure of the man was seen in the bathroom, her son heard a man and a boy talking in the bathroom and when he went into the bathroom to investigate, there was no one there. At times Sue lays in bed and she can feel a moving cold spot cross her face. Sue is seeking answers to find out the cause of this activity. Shannon investigates using her electronic audio digital recorder. We are still analyzing the recording, to see if any EVPs were actually picked up. I took several photographs around the home and some of the photographs depict orbs. The investigation continued until 1:30am. There is a lot of evidence Shannon and I, must sift through, but tonight is not the night to analyze the evidence. Shannon McCabe is preparing to conduct a preliminary investigation of the Brookdale Lodge with core paranormal investigators Donna Reynolds, Holly DeLaughter, Cherie Vincent, Michelle Stump, John Wachter, Bryan Coleman, Michele Paykel, Tim Hawkins and Chris Grissom on Saturday, while I have to prepare for a scouting mission at the Brougham residence in Citrus Heights on Saturday. Robert Gordon and Karisten Lockhart who live in a home on F Street notified me a few days in advance that an investigation in their F Street home on Saturday would not happen due to some complications. Their home which had a lot of activity, such as things flying off the shelves and hearing strange noises was recently blessed. Now the activity has resided. This Saturday, Jan 12, 2008, I was taking my paranormal investigators-in-training to two residential haunts and now that the F Street home canceled, they will only be involved with the Brougham Residence, in which they will be allowed to spend the night!

Before I discuss the scouting mission this Saturday, I will tell you that on January 6, 2008, Sunday, we did a photo shoot with Gold Rush Ghosts and for the Ghost Girls upcoming DVD. The people who attended this event were Gold Rush Ghosts paranormal investigators: Maria Muzzy, Nancy Bradley, Paul Dale Roberts, Robert Reppert, Rodney Roberts, Catherine Noble, Danielle Carpenter, Chris Grissom, Ron Williams, Liz Harrison and Millieanne Jackson. Shannon McCabe was there for the photo shoot with Nancy Bradley aka Nancestrodaumous for the Ghost Girls DVD. If you want to see some spectacular investigations captured on film, be on the lookout for the Ghost Girls DVD! I have been working on a demonic case in Ohio. The lady is named Rosemary. The case is somewhat complex and Nancy Bradley - Psychic to the Stars assisted me with this case. For more information on what Rosemary is saying that is occurring in her home, you can stop at this link to find out:

Now to the scouting mission on Brougham Way. Let's take a roll call. Paul Dale Roberts - Lead Investigator/Scoutmaster. Paranormal Investigators-in-Training/Scouts: Julie Robinson, Alicia Campos, Debbie Talani, Monica Talani, Robin Kanstein, Shauna Kinchen, John Shue, Paul Orlando, Robert Mabalot, Jennifer Martinez, Dee, LaShae 'Chicky' Tate, Veldena Ladson, Angel Kesti, Kelly 'Kiki' Tuttle, Anah Denzeiberg.

Let's see how this day starts out. What you are about to read is pretty scary. I have been on something like over 60 investigations and only a few stand out in my mind as being significant. This investigation is significant! As I approached the Brougham Residence, I get a phone call from Kelly 'Kiki' Tuttle, she tells me she is cruising from Redding in her White Ghost vehicle to Citrus Heights for this investigation. She tells me that through remote viewing, she picked up images of an old man with wrinkles and a reddish bulb type nose. She envisioned a drowning of a small boy. She received information that the old man was an alcoholic.

As everyone arrived, I conducted a briefing and explained to the scouts, that the occupant will give us a walk through of her home. I had the occupant give us a brief description and asked her not to get into tell-all details, because I want my scouts to make their own discoveries and compare notes. I had Debbie Talani break everyone up into three teams. The teams came up with their own names. Team 1 was Ghostbusters. Team 2 was It. Team 3 was Can't Touch This. Each team was equipped with one video camera. Each team would have one scribe and one team leader equipped with a walkie talkie. All scouts brought a multitude of equipment from EMF Readers, digital audio recorders, digital cameras, temperature gauges, Listen Up Sound Enhancers and of course video cameras. I also made sure that each team had at least one 'sensitive'. I explained that the more people there are for an investigation, the entities of the home can absorb that energy and we should see more activity happening. Also, entities do not like disturbance and this is another possible method to get more activity. Debbie conducted some protection words for the group. I did some researching in regard to the area location and there were some Japanese Internment Camps located in this area. Now if the Brougham residence sits on a former site of a Japanese Internment Camp is anyone's guess. Debbie Talani explained to everyone on when using their electronic audio digital recorders, to have silence to pick up EVPs. Speak and then wait a while to see if an EVP is being recorded. This is very important, because I have watched some investigators talk and talk and not allowing the entity to speak. Robin, a sensitive detected a pathway from the first floor to the second floor used by the entities of the home. Below are some of our findings, the simpler findings, before things really got kind of spooky.

Note: Some of these findings may not have witnesses, or may just be considered as feelings. These type of findings are 'inconclusive'. Example: creaking noises throughout the house, this would be inconclusive, because anything such as pipes could make those creaking sounds. If I do not mention name of scout, it's because the scout does not want to be identified with a certain finding. You the reader, decide what finding is significant.

  • Creaking noises throughout the house.
  • John Shue the next day finds large scratch mark on his back.
  • Monica captures blue orb - photographic image.
  • Debbie ask for knocks - group hears 2 knocks.
  • Scouts feel cold spots and electrical atmosphere.
  • John Shue, sensitive says that his pant's leg was grabbed.
  • Julie's new batteries die out.
  • Debbie's facial cheeks feel hot and are warm to the touch.
  • More creaking noises are heard by various teams.
  • Muffled laughter heard in kitchen area.
  • Cold breeze is felt moving across living room.
  • Scout is compelled to take jacket off, felt something on jacket, then felt like breath was being taken away. Scout does not want to be identified on this finding.
  • Some scouts feel chills, coldness on various parts of their bodies.
  • Debbie at one point of time feels dizzy.
  • EMF Reader goes off in closet area.
  • Odd noises heard in closet area.
  • Walkie Talkies go on by themselves and give static noise.
  • Sensitive feels entity does not like red color in one bedroom.
  • Sensitive drawn to bathroom, feels a drowning occurred in bathtub of a young child.
  • Some scouts feel confusion. Sensitive feels there is a little boy with brown hair - with bowl cut, almond shaped brown eyes.
  • Sensitive feels father does not like his boy.
  • Sensitive feels one entity is inquisitive. That the entity is curious about us.
  • Sensitive feels little girl entity is shy when given attention, doesn't like to be called names, don't call her chicken, she has habit of pulling on ring finger, she is jumpy and fidgety, she is smart. Name Sarah comes in mind. Also a name starting with letter 'P'. Entity likes to lay on floor, coloring things, she is artsy, likes to play by window and at times can be vocal.
  • Spikes captured - up to 1.3 in closet by Robert.
  • 34:33 big orb captured by Robert on video camera.
  • 4.2 Spike down to 1.7
  • 36:58 orb seen.
  • 37:34 - EVP girl's voice, says "yes" - Team is able to hear yes with their own ears.
  • 40:17 - voice crying EVP.
  • 41:33 voice heard under bed - EVP.
  • 45:41 - orb on video camera.
  • Lights seen near crack at the door. Lights from unknown source.
  • Flying orbs caught on video camera.
  • Handprints temporarily seen on wall by scout.
  • Marilyn Yeruef, neighbor comes over and explains that the house is 30 years old. That 2 people died here. A man and his Asian wife lived here, they ran a business from this house. The man died of a heart attack and the wife died of breast cancer. Julie Robinson - Scout felt a warm touch to her chest during this investigation, it happened to her twice. Could this be the touch of the Asian woman who died of breast cancer? Marilyn explains that conversations have been heard in the house and her 6 year old son Gabriel has drawn pictures of dead people from this house and the neighborhood, as if Gabriel sees dead people. He even draws dead animals, she showed me a drawing he did of dead people from the neighborhood.
  • Sensitives John Shue, LaShae, Kiki and Robin all felt there was someone who lived in this house, died by drowning. Robin felt a pressure on her chest, that may have indicated drowning.
  • Kiki and Robin pick up the letter W and later the name William. Kiki also picks up the name Ritchie and later the name Cappy.
  • Several audio digital recorders and one video camera pick up the following EVPs: growling noise. "Get out" - male voice. Whimpering noises. Girl crying noises. Little girl laughing.
  • EMF Readers go off at certain locations of the house. Duration of spikes: 5 seconds.
  • Veldena Ladson hears 2 taps on the dresser.
  • John Shue felt someone push him towards the closet.
  • Shawna Kinchen feels electrical energy around her body.
  • Humming or la, la, la sounds are heard by Shawna & John.
  • Alicia Campos gets an image in her mind, that there was once a child, age 6 in this house.
  • Debbie Talani felt cold spots in certain rooms, she came up with the name Sally in her mind. She heard moans, she heard 2 taps on the wall.
  • Monica Talani smells something burning, she hears whimpering and crying..
  • Robert Mabalot when asking is there a presence in the room, a belt on its own accord drops from the closet and hits him on the head.
  •  Some scouts felt a jump on the bed and felt the bed move or shake.

The Significant Activity
Now here is where the fun begins. When Team IT went into a second floor bedroom, the belt fell on Robert's head in the closet. Debbie and I, were floaters and were checking up on each team. As I entered IT's location, I told the group I am seeing an orb with my naked eye. Robert's video camera picks up the orb I am seeing with his video camera. Photographs are taken around the house and many orbs are showing up on the digital cameras. I know, orbs are not significant, but I have more to tell, just hold onto your horses, the fun is almost here! While I am with Team IT, the whole team with their own ears hear a girl's laughter two times! Then the little girl phantom says "hi"! This is heard by all Team IT. When Team 'Can't Touch This' goes into this very same room, they hear knockings on the wall. Debbie says, thank you for allowing us to know that you are here. The walkie talkie at that very moment comes on and a little girl's voice says "you're welcome". This was heard by all of Team Can't Touch This and it was picked up as a recorded EVP. Now for the real scary stuff, read what happens when we do the séance!

The Seance
Three of the scouts are observers and do not participate in the séance. I have researched the methods of séances and conducted my very first séance. As we all held hands, I made a 'hedge of protection' prayer. A candle was lit in front of us. Debbie tells the entities to make the flame go up and down for a yes and sideways for a no. We ask various questions and the flame seems to indicate 'yes' and 'no' and then a few times it seemed to be oblivious to our questions. I started talking and asked for the entities to please let us know that they were in the room. The walkie talkie comes on and a male's voice says "Get out!" or some scouts think it was a growl. Everyone participating in the séance screamed - well, except for me. Anah almost broke my hand from screaming so hard. As we regrouped, I said another hedge of protection prayer. We clasped hands again, since we broke the circle after this scream fest. I again asked the entities to make their presence known, over and over again and finally a LOUD screeching sound goes across the wall, again everyone is screaming and Anah is practically on my lap! We all hold hands tightly as knockings go across the wall. This was enough for the occupant and she asked for the séance to cease. I had to respect the wishes of the occupant and stopped the séance immediately and asked for a blessing to fall upon us all through prayer. Before I close on the séance, Alicia saw a moving orb in the room with her eyes and I saw a tiny orb go from Kiki's face to Julie's shoulder, with my own eyes.

Like I said, I have been to many, many investigations and only a few stand out and this is one of them! I had plenty of goosebumps running up and down my spine. Some of the scouts were going to spend the night, but after all the commotion, they were ready to pack up and head home. Enough was enough. I was hoping to have a séance during dead time at 3am, but unfortunately this investigation was now over. It was time to write my story.

All of the evidence has not been analyzed, so please look frequently at HPI Meetup at: and the HPI Website at for other findings! Special Note: At the end of the night, we did pick up a trucker on the walkie talkies. What we heard on the walkie talkies before, almost sounded inhuman, except for the little girl that said "you're welcome". Of course Team IT actually heard the little girl laugh two times and say "hi" with their own ears, including me. That was no trucker.

Now on a brighter note. This Saturday before the scouting mission, I stopped by A1 Comics, to see what comic books they had that dealt with the paranormal. (As, you all know I am also in the comic book business). Here is what I found: The Un-Men - Vertigo, The Boys 14 - Dynamite, Cory Doctorow's Futuristic Tales, Fall of Cthulhu #9 - Boom!, The Foundation #1 - Boom!, Gene Simmon's Dominatrix by IDW, Grimm Fairy Tales - Return to Wonderland #5 by Zenescope; Incursion #2 - Platinum Studios, The Infinite Horizon #2 by Image, John Woo's 7 Brothers - Virgin Comics, Killing Pickman - Archaia Studios Press, The Lost Books of Eve - Viper Comics, Mercenaries - Dynamite, Sheena - Queen of the Jungle - DDP, Starkweather Immortal by Archaia, Jenna Jameson's ShadowHunter - Virgin Comics, Wayne Sealy's Mystery Manor Haunted Theatre by Silver Phoenix Entertainment Inc., Killing Girl #5 by Image, Necessary Evil #2 by Desperado, Primordia - Archaia, Badger Saves the World #1 by IDW and The Danger's Dozen #1 by First Salvo. So, if you ever need any good fun paranormal stories to read, check out these comics, you won't be disappointed! Also, thank you to Robin for loaning me: Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places by Brad Steiger!

Additional Comments: 
When we were conducting the seance and we heard the LOUD scratching sound on the wall, it instantly reminded me of Clive Barker's Hellraiser, when the Cenobites are summoned and the walls start opening. I thought at anytime, the bedroom wall was going to crack open. To get results like we did, always remember that entities feed off our energy. The more people you have, the more energy entities can gather. It's like going to a Van Halen concert and you can feel the energy of the crowd. Even rock stars say, they can feel the energy of the audience and the audience is able to feel the energy of their rock band. When doing a seance and you hold hands, you combine everyone's energy into a strong energy cell, entities are able to gather the singularity energy formed from the group and cause enhanced activity. This is why seances are conducted, to unite the energy of the group for the entities to feed upon. Now to another aspect of this investigation, the teams went into 3 sections of the house and spent the duration of one hour in each section before rotation.