Hair Raising Ghost Story


I have always have enjoyed the supernatural, but when it comes to going ghost hunting or being put in a situation where the crap is scared out of, I'll pass. But there was one night that I didn't have the choice to pass; and I did get the crap scared out of me.

I was visiting my family out in the west and was staying at my aunt's house with my three cousins, uncle and my mom. My aunt took me, my mom, and my cousins to a restaurant that was formerly a hotel in the past, and people still stayed there. It was supposedly "haunted."

As we waited for our food we ordered, I felt I had to learn more about the old place. So I asked the waitress. She told me everything she knew, and then, told me that the bar tender downstairs knew a lot more than she did. Well, kids aren't allowed to be around the bar but they made an exception for us.

I made everyone eat as fast as they could so we could go listen to this man tell us his stories. He had many of them that really got the hair standing up on the back of my neck and my adrenaline pumping. Afterward, we decided to take a little tour of the upper floor. We climbed up the stairs to where we found a balcony that overlooked the street. When we turned the corner, there was a hall that led to a room that was said to have had had an exorcism performed in it. I was scared out of my mind.

We looked at a particular painting on the wall that would just give anyone the creeps by itself. It was quite freaky. As I stood looking at it, my family went around the corner to continue looking around. As I continued to look at the painting, I saw a man on the balcony in all black with a top hat. I looked back very quickly to see if he was real. He was there; but then, I looked once more, and he had vanished. I heard no footsteps, and the board floor was creaky just like the old stairs.

I ran to my mom to tell her what I had seen. She believes in spirits also, and her eyes got huge when I told her my story. But as we left the hotel to go home she revealed her own story to us. She also had witnessed something paranormal. Before we left the hotel, my mom and little cousin had to go to the bathroom. So both of them entered into the ladies' facilities. When they came out, they were silent. Obviously something had happened. When I asked them they said that as they went to the bathroom it got cold, and there was a loud banging on the wall. Of course, I tried to come up with every logical explanation. Was there someone working on the other side? No, it led to the street, and there was no one out there working. Maybe someone hit the outside of the wall? No, because the walls are sound proof for discreetness. Eventually, I gave into believing her.

Maybe we were meant to see and experience these spirits. Who knows? But, I am a strong Christian and attend church every chance I get. I love the Lord and believe that if I was put in a situation that might bring harm to me, he would protect me. Let's just say that it was a raising experience."