Sean's Ghost Stories

by Sean Peasley

Well, I cant really remember when this actually was, but right...ummm...

I was at my neighbor's house hanging out with her and her mum, when her mom went into her own room. Well a few seconds later, we heard her call for us; so we ran in. A jewelry holder that hangs on two chains (weighs a TON), was swaying back and forth violently. No wind could blow it like that. So she stopped it, and then that was that.

This story is told by all the people on my complex. During the night at exactly 12:00 midnight, you can always hear these footsteps running along the upstairs hallway. When you hear it in your hallway, you then hear it in the next house; then the next one...then the next one, and so on. Well, they said that the end apartment was the place where a little boy was strangled; and the boy liked to go into his neighbor's houses and play with their children.

This one my cousin told me. Her son Nicholas, my second cousin, has a ton of light up toys that you know make noises and such. Well one day when he was at school and her husband was at work, she went up to clean his room; and when she was making his bed a light up toy went off. She thought it was just the batteries. So she changed them. The next week on the same day the same toy went off, again.

Same cousin again - this happened to my little cousin (her son). Well, she was putting him to bed one night, and after she had said good night and gone downstairs she heard him playing with his toys. So she went upstairs to tell him to get in bed, again. But he was in bed, and toys were on the floor.

She quietly put them back and went downstairs again. Then she heard the noises again. This time she went up quietly to see if she could catch him doing it. When she looked into his room he was still asleep, but a ghostly figure was playing with his toys (a little boy). The boy looked at her and then hurried into the closet. The door lightly closed shut. Erika picked up Nick and brought him downstairs and told her husband Eddie. Nick said he plays with the boy no more.

True or not true, you decide...