Catherine's Ghost Stories

by Catherine M.

This happened last year. My memory isn't that fresh...

For some reason I decided to sleep in my parent's room. So I woke up around one in the morning. I got one of those feelings that you just have to look, even if you don't want to. So I looked over and there was the moonlight of course; but the light that came from the windows reflected onto the wardrobe. I had to get my eyes used to the darkness. When I did get them focused, I saw this man figure. It looked like Jesus without the crucifix - just him.

I seriously got so scared I turned around not daring to look back or into the mirror that hung over the dresser and bed. I ducked under the covers and was trying to get as close to my parents as I could. After that, I got used to sleeping in my room by myself. I didn't want to go and sleep in my parents' room after that; but I did. Even though I was scared to the point I wanted to wet my pants, I didn't feel threatened or anything. It could have been my imagination since people do like to look for faces and figures in everything. But to me, it was very real.

After my grandmother's death and a little before my uncle's death, I was getting ready to go to school. I was in my room looking for earrings to wear that day. The attic door was open all the way so whatever makes a noise upstairs you could hear. My room is connected to the attic by a door which was behind my bed. I started looking for the earrings. All of a sudden I heard noise coming from right above my head. I was thought it was just squirrels or birds, since they love to nest there. But I remembered that right above me was a bunch of stuff like suitcases and a shelf with my gram's stuff (not the one that passed). I was like, "h!@! s^#t." I didn't say that out loud, though. I thought, "Calm down, Catherine." So I did, even after it continued to get louder. So I say, "I hear you. You can stop now." Right after I said that, it stopped. I was freaked, but I got it together and dismissed it.

Another time I was bored, so I thought, "You know what? I want to talk to my grandmother." I began to ask questions like "Are you here?" or "Are you mad at me? (because I did something very bad that day)? My door is a sucky one. It doesn't close like it should. My door started to move. So, I got the impression that it moves for a yes. I wasn't scared at all. After a while, I believed I was exhausting my grandmother with all these questions. I said "You can leave now." After that I asked, "Are you still here?" No I believed that my grandmother had left. My grandmother is Hispanic like me, so I asked these questions in Spanish.When I said, "I hear you. You can stop now," I said it in English. So if it was a ghost, it was not my grandmother, because as far as I know she doesn't speak or understand English. I just noticed that....weird right?