Breyana's Ghost Experiences

from Breyana

I just wanted to tell you some of my own paranormal stories of experiences i've had. I have many to tell. These stories are true, and the first and last one are angel stories; the middle two are ghost stories.

Story #1
Well, when I was really young I had an experience which was very weird, because I was walking down the first set of stairs of my house and all of a sudden it felt like I was floating; and then, I looked down to see that I was. At the bottom of the stairs I just dropped out of the air - and I wasn't very far off the floor; but, I wasn't touching the floor either!!!! When I dropped, it didn't hurt; but the sun was shining directly on me. Scared by what had happened, I started crying. My family came running to see what was wrong; but when I told them, they did not believe me. Now I think of that as a sign: like someone knew something was going to happen, so it was trying to protect me.

Story #2
One time while at the park, I was with my younger brother. There is a bridge separating two parts of the park, and we were in the 2nd part. We heard noises, and eventually we saw something that was a black figure... And we just ran as fast as we could. When we got off the bridge, I looked back and the figure was on the bridge; then, when I got close to the road, I saw that the figure was at the end of the bridge. By the time we got on the road, the figure just disappeared!

Story #3
Every house I have lived in has been haunted; but, this is the most haunted one ever! When I was left home alone, I was happy because no siblings - no nothing; but, what was happiness soon became fear and scary. I do think of things that I fear are going to happen, and this was the first time that the ghosts read my mind and used my ideas against me. Well, I got up from watching TV, and I had to go to the bathroom (so I did; but, on my way to the bathroom, I have the door that leads upstairs - a place I never go, because it is the most haunted place in the house). I was imagining that I would see a white mist (ghost with no figure), and I tried to imagine how scared I would be if that would actually happen. Then, I saw a white mist (I turned away from it), and looked back and I saw it again; so I then turned and ran to the bathroom. I could hear a noise like someone speaking too, but I just kept running. Then, when I turned to shut the door, I saw the white mist so I shut the door - but before it shut, the mist disappeared! I then went out into the living room, and the temperature changed...then it all went away!

Story #4
When I was younger, me, my younger brother and a friend were in my friend's pool. I saw the sun shining only on a certain spot; kind of like a flashlight. I thought it was weird, and then I saw an angel floating in the sunlight up to the sky; and then, disappeared into the clouds. The sun started to get dim and eventually stopped shining. When it shined again it was normal. Later that day, I read a story in the newspaper that a lady had died the same day I saw that angel!