Ghost Attack Story

by B.

They say that a ghost or spirit cannot attack you, but I have the scars to prove they do.

I have never told anyone what happened to me - not even my mother, as who would have believed me? It has been 39 years after it happened and as I am a middle age woman now, I decided to tell my story for the first time. I had moved out to Arizona for the summer and I was 17 years old. My mother, sister and I had rented an apartment in Phoenix. I was a typical teen, somewhat religious, and said my prayers nightly. Well after one week of being in our apartment, I retired to the same bedroom, as my sister, who had fallen asleep already.

I said my prayers as usual, and after them, I had an eerie feeling fall over me. I felt I wasn't alone. All of a sudden, I heard this angry man's voice yelling at me, "I told you not to do that!" (I assumed it meant praying) and I felt something with nails grab my right arm and pulled it until it came out of its socket. It then stopped, but I screamed in pain. I was hysterical, holding my broken arm until my mother ran in the room. I didn't tell her what happened; I was too scared to.

My mother walked me to the hospital, which was nearby. When the emergency doctor finally got to examine me, he asked how I could have pulled it out so badly. I couldn't tell him the truth. I was scared he would laugh at me or lock me up, so I lied and said I turned wrong in my bed. He looked at me with a snicker and stated that it was virtually impossible to do that to my arm while laying in bed, and it would have taken great force to do that kind of damage. I stuck to the story, while he fixed the break and reset shoulder. The nightmare kept going on though. Ten times my arm came out after that attack, until it would not stay in anymore. It wasn't from being attacked anymore, just my arm was in bad shape and couldn't stay in. I finally, after the tenth dislocation, had major surgery on it and there is a screw holding my arm on now, and huge scars. It was a very painful operation.

I still don't want anyone to know about this, so I do not want to disclose my name. However, I do want to inform viewers that we are all rookies and just learning about the paranormal and that in fact, no one knows the whole truth about what they can do. If they claim to, they are wrong. There is so much out there we can never understand, no matter how intelligent or well educated on the facts we think we are. So don't dabble in the supernatural, unless you are completely prepared for any attacks, that may come upon you.

I myself never ventured too far into it, because of what happened to me. It is basically unknown, until we ourselves pass on and learn the truth. Yes, an entity can harm you. I know; it happened to me.