Abbie's Ghost Story

from Abbie V.

My name's Abbie. I'm from Brokenbow, Oklahoma. I really don't have ghosts, but my story might be interesting to someone. You see, I can see, well...dead people; or ghosts...or angels if you will. For some reason I'm the only one who can see them. I still can see them. I know you all probably are thinking "this girl's crazy!" Well, don't think such a thing as I'm pretty sure I'm not.

You see, it started a couple of years ago on a night when I was waiting for my brother, and I was in the living room alone crying because I thought I heard something. I looked down the hallway, and I saw a man standing there. For just a split-second, he was looking around the corner staring at me. I couldn't see his face because my eyes were full of tears, and I had my glasses off.

Ever since that initial ghost sighting, I can see them. I not only saw that man in the hallway, but I've even seen a teenager whose face I could see with clarity as he peered through my brother's window. Since then, I have seen multiple people and even a couple of animals in spirit.