Alpha, NJ Ghost Story

by an Unknown Author

I have lived in Alpha, NJ for many years, and ever since I have been here, my family and I have experienced strange things. A little girl named "Sara" is our local ghost, and she plays games with my family and others who live here on 7th Avenue. She whispers in our ears, peers into our windows from outside, and leaves little chalk messages on our patios and porches. We do not mind her at all, and almost feel like she is a part of our community!

Some people leave little toys and gifts for her where she died, and others light candles and say a prayer for her. It is sad how she died - she had fallen in the woods, but no one knew until it was too late and she had lost too much blood. Teenagers who come looking for ghosts like to say that they saw little Sara in the woods, covered in blood and wearing a tattered dress. I don't know if that is true. To me she seems like a happy little girl who wants to play and be loved.