Teresa's Ghost Stories

by Teresa Knopp, Delta Junction, AK

I was about 13, or so, when my sister started to see "things."

One time, we were all on a 4-wheeler ride and I stopped for a minute aside a field. All of a sudden, she started to freak out and cry, saying there was something big and black in the field, and it was coming towards us. I thought maybe she meant a bear or a moose (not an uncommon sight in Alaska), but I didn't see a thing. At first we teased her, but she really started to cry; so we all went on home.

Ever since then, she has seen and heard things that are unexplicable. Once she was on a bike ride with my mom and my other two sisters, and she looked into the trees and said she saw something horrible. She said it looked like an evil ghost; it's eyes were sunken back into its head, and it looked "dead."

Another time, I remember well, because I heard what she had heard, too. We both shared a room upstairs. Our beds were on one side of the bedroom, dressers and the closet on the other. On both sides of the walls that are next to our beds, there are cubby holes. Lord knows what is in them; we used to play in them when we were younger, but not so much anymore. Anyhow, one night she woke me up, saying she heard something tapping on the wall next to her bed - and she thought it was coming from inside the cubby hole. I told her to just go back to sleep and that she was probably dreaming.

She didn't wake up again all night and didn't experience anything until about a week later. She woke me up again, saying she heard something playing with the springs under her bed, almost as if someone/something was pulling on them, making a "boing" sound. I told her to crawl in bed with me, say a few prayers (we are a Catholic family, though not hugely religious) and to go to sleep. Well, I stayed awake a little longer than her, trying to get back to sleep while still being a little shken up. All of a sudden the springs under MY bed popped. Needless to say, I became unglued.

A few nights later, she woke me and my parents up with her screaming. Something had woken her, and she looked up to see a large, black cloud floating into our room. Coincidence? I don't think so. There was definitely something haunting our room, making its presence known in various ways.

On another occasion, when my mom was alone, she said she awoke from the couch, one night, and it sounded like someone was walking down the staircase. She didn't open her eyes, but she said it felt like something purely evil was above her.

Even I have felt things; through use of what I suppose is what some people call their "Sixth Sense". What none of us could understand is why and how something could've gotten in our house. My parents built it about 22 years ago, and the land had never been used before that time that we know of. They even had it blessed by a priest. Perhaps that's why nothing ever happened to us beyond strange experiences with haunting. All of us are baptized Catholic, and the house being blessed may have had some protective "shield" around us.

All I know is that I am almost 21 years old and married, with one child.  I still get the heebie-jeebies when I have to stay in that house alone - even in daylight.