Crystal's Ghost Story

from Crystal

My husband and I had gotten into an argument two months ago. He decided to sleep on the couch, which he was right to do - ha ha! I went to bed in our room and closed the doors. Not too long after that, I awoke from a dream I had. I was talking to some man and he was telling me that "WE COME FROM THE OUTER RIM OF GOD'S LOVE." He then began to tell me where babies come into the womb through and, to show me this, he touched the spot he said they come into. He grabbed the back side of my waist, where some people might have love handles -- which I don't - thank goodness. The touch was so real that it woke me, and I could still feel the residual pressure after I woke.

I was scared, so I ran to the living room and got my husband and brought him to bed with me. After a long while, I fell back to sleep. I awoke again, a short time later, and couldn't move. I think I was in a state of astral catalepsy. I was on my tummy, and my head was tilted to the side. I saw a figure sitting in mid-air, about a foot above my legs. It was tiny, about a foot tall, wearing a black hooded cape. It's face was white and pallid. I could see dark grooves around its' eyes and cheekbones. It was looking at me, with this terrifying look like, "What are you doing here?" as if it was mad that I had somehow intruded. I tried to yell, but I could not. It continued to glare at me as I fell back to sleep.

I immediately woke again. And the thing was still there, except this time it stood. It began walking toward me with it's palms open and facing me. I knew at any moment it was going to touch me, and I tried screaming again. But I could not; nor could I move. Just as it was at my back, I fell asleep again.

I awoke and saw this thing's face pulsating above me -- white and transparent. It pulsated from my bed across the room to the wall, and then, disappeared. Maybe, it was me trying to get back in after traveling around. I don't know. But it was terrifying.