Victoria Australia Ghost Stories

from Jess

My name is Jess, I'm 17, and I suppose you'd say that my family 'attracts' supernatural activity. We live in Victoria, Australia, and ever since I can remember weird things have happened around my family, but especially to me and my parents.

When I was born, my parents owned a house in a long court on a really steep hill that ended in a river...that was apparently frequented by drug addicts and the like. I have no idea if I ever experienced the same thing as my parents, as I was a baby at the time; but at least once a week, sometimes up to 5 or 6 times, my parents would be lying in bed asleep at around 1:00 AM when a distant rumbling of a motor bike woke them up.

The motor bike would drive slowly down our street and stop right outside our house; you could apparently hear the engine idling. Then a transparent figure would walk through the bedroom wall (and our house was split level, my parents' room looked as though it was on the second story from the ground). He had a motor bike helmet under one arm, and all he would do is walk to the end of my parents' bed and just stand there staring at them. They have both said that the air in the room would became really heavy and hazy, and they wouldn't be able to move. After about five minutes, the figure would turn, walk back through the wall, and the sound of the idling motorbike would just fade away.

Once my sister was born they decided to move to a bigger place; and as soon as the house was put on the market the ghost in our house became, well, less friendly. My mum especially experienced a heavy weight on her chest whenever the ghost came that had never been there before. She said that while before she had been unnerved by the appearance of the ghost, it had never really bothered her; but now she was afraid of it. Not long after, we moved out and the motor bike ghost (as we named him) never bothered us again; and we never found out why he was there or why he didn't want us to leave.

My parents then decided to relocate to a big, old house on a property in the country. We added a toilet and extra bedroom onto the back of the house as well as demolishing a sleepout that was attached to the bedroom that my sister and I shared. By the time we'd completely moved in, I was five years old. Everything was fine as far as I knew, until I was about seven, but I later discovered that this was only when I realised we weren't alone. 

One night I woke up and went to the toilet. When I went back to bed, I had just gotten comfortable and was settling myself to go back to sleep when movement near the door caught my attention. At first I thought it was one of my parents checking on me, but then, I realised that the person was too short to be an adult - it was a child. I looked over at my sister's bed and saw her fast asleep. Then the figure moved into my room, and I saw it was a little girl with waist length blonde ringlets and a dress like those I'd seen in my nana's photo albums. She was kind of transparent looking and was staring right at me. Then another figure, shorter than the girl, entered the room. This one was a little boy. He walked over to the door that originally led to the sleepout but now just opened onto the verandah and remained locked at all times. He looked sadly at the door, then at me. I gathered that the little girl and her brother used to live here and that the sleepout used to be the little boy's room and that he was sad because it had been destroyed.

My family lived there until I was twelve. On numerous occasions I saw the blonde girl and her brother but always at night and always in my room. I wasn't scared of them - they were almost like my friends, though they seemed unable to talk to me and communicated only through pointing at things and the use of facial expressions. I never did find out who they were.

I told my mum one day after we moved, what I'd seen. She told me about how as soon as we moved in, little things would go missing and turn up months later or not turn up at all. Also, sometimes in the kitchen, pots and pans would move as if in a breeze, but there were no doors or windows open. The patch of hallway just outside my bedroom door and traveling across to the door into our dining room was also distinctly colder, at all times, than the rest of the house; almost everyone who came over mentioned it. My mum thinks that there were other spirits in the house other than the little boy and girl (who no one ever saw, but me), but the other spirits were less friendly and were unhappy that the house had been moved. We believe that is why they did things to annoy or scare us.

I have had other experiences since we moved back into the suburbs, but never again in my house. One other experience that I will share and that actually frightened me was while on a ghost tour of the city. Walking through a building that is supposedly haunted with my family friend, we looked up at the same time to see a glowing figure in the window directly above us. I got chills up and down my spine and got out of there as fast as I could. To this day my friend refuses to admit that he saw anything.