Anna's Ghost Story

This story is from Anna of Iraq...

Well, I've been seeing ghosts since I was five years old.

The spirit sightings began at that young age, but it wasn't a ghost - it was an angel. I saw many landing from the sky to our house's roof. I told my parents, but of course, who would believe a five year old! I kept seeing strange things over and over after that. At age ten, it got stronger...they started talking to me. I wasn't scared at all, as I communicated with them. Then, they started writing stuff to me on the walls. That is how we communicated with one another.

I told dad about them, and that's when he started believing me. He kept asking me about things that I couldn't possibly know, and they would write the answers to me on the walls. He told mom that he went to some sort of an expert, and they told him that I was "gifted." He asked me if I wanted it to go away - if it was scaring me. I said, "No." 

Many things happened to me with the ghosts and angels. One of the stories is about a ghost with black clothes - a male ghost that I saw twice. My aunt saw him too, one time, which proves that it wasn't just me. Once, I saw him by the river when my family and I were out; then, I saw him at our house by the stairs. Later, my aunt saw him at that very same place, too.

I also have a "guardian angel" (that's what I call him) - long story short, he was helping me through it all. I guess he's the reason why I never got scared of all those ghosts. He also helped me get rid of the dark ghost by the stairs!