Two Ghost Stories From My House

by DJ

My house is sort of old, and I learned from my parents that right after we moved into the home, the cabinets and front door would open up sometimes at night when we were asleep; even when the door was bolt locked.

One time, my cousin spent the night with me for some reason. We were sleeping in a bunk bed. She slept on the bottom bunk and I was on the top. We were sleeping in, and I guess that I was in a light sleep, because I could hear this “clicking” noise, as if someone were winding something. Suddenly, my cousin and I awoke to a song. It was coming from a shelf in my room. A snow globe had begun to play and it repeated the song seven times before it died out. From what I can remember, we laid there thinking, "What the heck's going on?" for a while, until my cousin got out of bed to investigate. There was no explainable reason for that to have happened.

Another time, I was in my room doing something, when I hears this big "CRASH!" I rushed out of my room just to find that it was a picture frame that had fallen off the wall. My dad and someone else was right next to it and they described it to me. Apparently, it seemed as if someone hit the other side of the wall and the force pushed it really far outwards, until it hit the floor. But there was nobody on the other side, so we were left wide-eyed and confused. That was not the only time it had happened, as there were quite a few times when a picture had fallen off the same wall, just the same way.