Ghost Possession Story

This is a true, frightening ghost story of ghost possession.

Publisher's Note: Ghost possession is real and something you do not want due to the psychological and physical issues that the possessed suffer. Many are not aware of ghost possession or the ill-effects caused by earthbound spirits.

The Story
I am possessed by four spirits who will not let me go. My story begins in 1985, when on a lazy afternoon my sister called to invite me to accompany her and some family members to a Spiritual church. At first I said, "No," because I, like most people, was afraid of ghosts, but after much begging she finally talked me into it.

When we got there, we were a little spooked, like many people are when they first delve in to the paranormal, but once there, we sang hymns, listened to a preacher like at many churches, and then a medium began giving personal messages from the Great Beyond. The first ones to come through was my father, my mother and her sister and a man I knew who had recently passed after having a sudden heart attack while out jogging. There was no question it was them, from the personal things the medium was telling us.She didn't know us or our name, so there was no way she could have known these things unless she was actually in communication with our relatives and "Dr. P."

Dr. P. was a Psychiatrist when he lived on earth and as such, he had never himself believed in the afterlife. When someone came to him with such a story, he of course thought they had a mental problem, but now in the Spirit World he knew better and he, according to him, decided to join my relatives and enter my body as possessing spirits and sit there until someone began to believe my story.

He said from his years as a psychiatrist, he now from the Spirit World realizes the trauma he might have caused some of his patients and their families by believing the patient was delusional, or had a multiple personality and now from the afterlife, he was determined to set things straight.

The problem was, no one much believed me and I was not happy with them sitting inside my body and tried everything to get them to come out; but they refused.

They cited a book written by spiritual writer Ruth Montgomery, in which she writes: "When evil spirits become so evil they cannot be rehabilitated, a higher power steps in and destroys the evil spirits."

When nothing happened and no one appeared to destroy them, they said they were declaring themselves "satan followers" to see if that brought a higher power after them who could prove he had control over them.

I became more and more frightened and tried to talk them into coming out, but they refused and kept doing things that frightened me even more. Now they were no longer acting like the baptist people I knew and said they are sick of some of the things being written about the Spirit World by those who don't know what they know since they arrived there. They say they are going to set the record straight.

Over the years they have given me bad advice and kept me from getting proper sleep, given me all sorts of suggestions as to shopping, diet and things to cause my weight to escalate. I believe they have interfered with my health, but of course as the years went by, it's possible I would have developed some of these problems even without the interference of the four spirits sitting inside my body.

I tried getting a priest or a deliverance minister involved to help, but no one would agree to help. Some flat out told me they don't want to become involved in these kinds of things, because they don't believe if there are spirits that they would be able to sit inside a human body for more than 21 years without a higher power appearing to drive them out.

I am not sure if I mentioned it, but it was on the first anniversary of Dr. P's death that the four of them entered my body and said they will never leave, unless a higher power appears to prove he can force them out of my body.

Several guides, who are now around me trying to work to help the world believe in the afterlife, have threatened these four spirits and told them while they can't prove they can destroy them while they're inside my body, because of the danger it could cause me, they will be waiting for them to come out and then they will prove whether or not they have control over them.

In the meantime, the possessing spirits are becoming more and more violent towards me and say they are doing this because the guides have frightened them so much they are now afraid to come out, but also say since the guides have not proven they have dominance over them they will never leave unless the guides who threatened them either prove they can destroy them while they are still inside my body, or until they back down and say no one can ever destroy them.

No one will give an inch in this situation and I am determined to end this. So recently I have tried to reason with my relatives and Dr. P. and tell them if they are truly afraid of the guides who threatened them then they should leave my body quietly and not be a threat to anyone else, and just think about this situation for a time. If after a time out of my body they decide to try to force the guides who threatened them to prove once and for all they have dominance over them, they can always go back to behaving as evil spirits. While I would never invite them back into my body, if there is no one to stop them, then I surely could not stop them from re-entering my body at that point in time.

I believe the truth here has to be proven by all the spirits that I am in communication with, and I believe proving the truth of the utmost importance to paranormal research (and what the real truth is about the afterlife).

In the meantime, the four of them still maintain they have been so scared by the threats of the guides that they cannot leave my body, and so in an effort to solve the problem, I have been trying to reason with them by suggesting that my relatives now leave my body and go and be with our other relatives on a farm they own, and not threaten anyone, but try to see if our relatives know they are in their home.

That didn't work, so I have now recently been suggesting that Dr. P. bring my three relatives out and go to the hospital where he was on staff and he can see some of his associates and nurses he knew. He can observe patients and see if any of the staff or patients can pick up the presence of the four spirits who would be around them, talking to them and moving about the hospital facility. This could be their way of promoting paranormal research without threatening to hurt someone, like they have been doing to me since l986, when they entered my body and vowed to not leave unless a higher power finds a way to bring them out.

As I write, as always happens, the possessing spirits and some of the guides trying to help me solve this situation are writing right along with me through automatic writing.

Will they now come out of my body and stop attacking me and decide to become part of a paranormal research team who is determined to prove these things can happen and also prove that there is life beyond Earth?

Hopefully yes, and if they don't then perhaps I will be back to tell you how things are going as I strive each day to find a way to solve my problem with three of my deceased relatives and Dr. P., a man who refuses to let go of me from the Great Beyond.

Publisher's Note: We feel compelled to explain more regarding ghosts and their mental condition. Many times, their fear is what holds them at a location, or in the case of this story, within another person. It is important to understand that threats, religious teachings of eternal hell, punishment and judgment will only prolong the hurting ghost's emotional trauma. In this story of ghost possession, we can also see how one ghost can be the dominant or "leader" of other lost ghosts who also are possessing this person. Once the "leader" is reasoned with and is able to understand that there will be no punishment except what one inflicts upon one's own self, that he needs to continue his life journey, and should cease from impeding others in their own life journeys, then most ghosts will be more willing to move on in their own life and unto peace, family members, and of course, love.

In the story, you will also recognize the lack of understanding by many religious leaders even though they teach and preach that they possess much spiritual wisdom. Yet, they themselves are unwilling to recognize that hurting people exist on the other side of the grave, too. It is also important to note how the ghost mentioned in this story is masking as a demon, or evil spirit, though the ghosts are not evil, just lost. This is the case with what the religious-minded (who are ill-informed) call demons. Simply put, demons do not exist, except in the minds of those who believe them to exist. The idea of demons was created over the past two millennia by religion(s). When someone mislabels a ghost a demon or threatens punishment to the attached ghost, such as a religiously-minded threat about retribution from God, the possessing ghost may use another's fearful beliefs of a condemning god, demons, etc. against them. Be wise...