Threatening Ghost Story

from an Anonymous Source

I was at a friend's house hanging out with him, and he was telling me about the ghosts that are in his place. I went ahead and was taking photos of every one of my friendsĀ and what I did not know is that I also got photos of ghosts.

One night when I was alone and online, I heard one of the ghosts say in my ear "I am going to kill you." I told him to try it and that I was not afraid of him. I then heard the sound of the front room closet banging - like something or someone was trying to get out and kill me. So, I stood up, ready to face the ghost or ghosts that were trying to get out. But then, something stopped them; because after I heard the banging, I heard the sound of Native Americans (as if they were on the war path and were protecting me and my friends as long as I was in his place).

Later on that night, my friend was attacked by the ghost that told me that he was going to kill me; and he showed me bite marks on him.