Ghosts in the House

by Adrienne

I am Adrienne from Trumbull, CT. I am ten years old and feel that I have dealt with several ghostly experiences in my life.

My house is two hundred years old, so I'm not surprised to see so many ghosts in my house.

One "ghost" that I have seen more than once is a little freaky. Don't laugh when I tell you, but I have seen a headless guy in a tuxedo before in my house. The first time was when I was coming home from school. I was 9 years old. There are these old wooden stairs you must climb to reach upstairs from outside (downstairs) so I got off the bus and went to the door. When I was on about the third stair, I saw the headless guy off to the side of the stairs. He just stood there, facing me. Seeing this, I raced up the stairs to my grandma's room (she lives with me). She could see I was freaked out so she went to the stairs to check it out. Of course, NOTHING.

Then a year later I was in the attic with my mom. When you go up the stairs of the attic, on each side is a small room. I was in one room with my mom. She told me to get something for her in the other room across the stairs, so I did. But on my way, as I passed the stairs, I saw the guy. This time he had clenched fists. I ran back to my mom and told her about it. I don't know if she believed me, but at least I told her! Maybe the headless guy was murdered, so he wanders around the house these days. I wonder...or maybe he was beheaded as a punishment. I'll probably never know. But from then on, I still feel so uncomfortable in the attic. I feel like something's lurking up there, waiting to pop out. It just freaks me out.

I swear this is all true. I know, without knowing me, you're probably like, "Oh, everyone says that." I know, but I am telling the truth. Thankfully I haven't seen the mysterious headless guy since. And hopefully, I never will.