Haunted Two Story House

by Sandy Williams

When I was twelve, we lived in a two story house that we felt was haunted. We heard things all the time that we could never explain.

One night in my upstairs room, it was very hot with no air conditioning. My little sister who was only two years old, was sleeping with me. We had the bed pushed next to the wall by a window for air. It was a large antique bed, and we were sleeping in it, sideways. We had a sheet at our feet. Because it was so hot, we didn't have it on us. My little sister was asleep and I was still awake.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps outside my room in the hallway. There were hardwood floors and you could hear people walking in the hallway. I looked over at my doorway to see who was coming into my room, and I saw no one. I heard the footsteps coming closer to me...over to the bed. My body was frozen. I was so scared. I could hear it walk to my bed, and I could feel and hear someone breathing on me. I tried to tell myself it was in my head, but then my sister woke up and said, "What is that?"

I started to sit up in bed to scream for my mom downstairs, and when I did, suddenly the sheet at our feet came up into the air and covered our heads and pushed us down hard on the bed. We couldn't move, or scream. It held us down. I tried and tried to scream for help, but it was as if someone had covered us and held us down. Suddenly, we could scream and the sheet let us up. It went high into the air and back down to our feet. My mom heard us scream and came running upstairs.

We didn't sleep in that room for a long time after that.