Moonlight Haunting Ghost Story

Ghost Investigation Story of the Asevedo House
by Debbie Talani

Paul Dale Roberts' neighbor, Nick Asevedo stops by. Nick has told Paul numerous times that he believes his house is haunted. Nick wants Paul to come over and see if it there is some validity to what he has been experiencing. Paranormal Paul jumped at the chance.

It is said the full moon affects people and their behavior in ways people wouldn't normally want to behave. I feel that if the moon can affect the ocean's tides, why couldn't it affect people as well? I'm beginning to feel Bella Luna is working her magic. I can see the excitement in Paul's eyes as his brain is working at warp speed to figure out how to accomplish this task. By this time, we are in the front yard of Paul's home and both Paul and I look at each other knowing we couldn't pass this opportunity. I grab my digital recorder in hopes of catching some EVPs and we head over to Nick's.

I'll admit it, I'm one of those people who looks to get scared. But I look for it year 'round. I am greeted by a house full of people, six of which are children. I'm introduced and at the end announce that I will not be taking the test to see if I remember everyone's name. Surprisingly, out of the nine people and one dog I met, I'd only forgotten three names. Not bad - I even remembered the dog's name - Socks. I was a bit leery with all the kids in the house, thinking I won't get any clear EVPs; but surprisingly, Trumane Bell, Nick's friend, helped keep all six kids quiet as mice.

I'd like to note that the TV was not on, nor were any radios, ceiling fans, dishwashers or washing machines. The only noise that kept occurring from the house was an intermittent beeping from the low battery of the smoke alarm. I had turned my cell phone off, and I don't believe Paul had his with him. Upon entering, the kitchen light was the only light on, which was eventually turned off. The only light we were then getting was from Bella Luna illuminating the house in an eerie blue-gray shade. Perfect setting for a ghost story, the scene is set.

Here are my findings:
Nick, Paul and I were standing in the kitchen, while everyone else was sitting on the edge of the couch intently listening to the beginning of the EVP work. Paul and I take turns asking questions, one of which Paul asks, "Are you here for Nick?" BEEP! Dang smoke alarm. But right after that, an audible sigh is captured. Nick, Paul nor I remember sighing at that point. As we are asking questions, Paul is taking digital photos. At one point, Nick takes his cell phone out to show both Paul and I a picture he took of his son that included what he 

believed to be an orb. We didn't have a chance to see the photo since Nick's phone went dead. He swears the battery was fully charged. Both Paul and I explain that spirits take energy from whatever source they can in order to manifest themselves, like camera batteries and cell phones. Nick put his dead phone in his pocket and a few minutes later, it rang (Insert Twilight Zone music, if you please.) Now, Nick and his family are a young Hispanic family. His cell phone ring is "Souljer Boy", which is a Hip-Hop song that has become very popular. So much so, there is a dance that has swept America to this song among the young teenagers and adults. Imagine the family's surprise when I, a 40 year old, broke out into that dance when Nick's cell phone went off. I can't help it, it's like Pavlov's dog - when I hear a song with a great beat, I dance. However, I immediately remembered what I was there for and regained my composure. Thank goodness the family thought it was an ice-breaker and broke out in laughter. Note to self: Keep the dancing on the dance floor.

So, back to Paul and the photos he was taking. In a couple of pictures he took, he captured two white orbs behind Nick. He took another photo immediately afterward and the two white orbs had moved, but were still captured behind Nick. Paul suggested that we head to the back yard. Nick, Paul and I note Bella Luna, who at this point is high in the sky, casting a shimmering white light on everything her beams touch. We are not asking questions directly any more at this point, rather discussing the different things Nick has experienced in this 
house as well as his mother's house in Reno.

At Nick's house, the blender will turn on by itself, Nick sees a solid, white form zip by the doorway between the dining room and kitchen, he feels cold drafts when he is at the bottom of the stairs and one time, he and his family came home to find all the kitchen cupboards wide open. No one was home prior to their arrival. At Nick's mother's house, a potted plant had lifted off the counter, hovered over the side, tipped itself over dumping the plant and soil to the floor, then return back to the counter resting gently back down. His mother felt a child sitting at the foot of her bed who she believed to be Nick and said, "Go back to bed," and gave a gentle push with her foot. Only, her foot went through the apparition and it disappeared. Nick found out that a young boy aged 7 or 8 had drowned in the bathtub at his mother's house prior to them owning the house. Nick believes that the ghost of the boy has followed him from his mother's house to the house he now lives in. At this point, Paul returns in the house leaving Nick and I in the backyard discussing the young boy he believes followed him from his mother's. I begin asking questions again as does Nick. He finally says, "I want you here. It's OK," to which an audible adult male response is captured saying, "I want you. I want you." Neither Nick nor I heard this at the time, and neither one of us said these words. Nick and I go back into the house and Paul is showing Nick some more photos of orbs. I feel that a game of Hide and Seek has just begun and I am drawn to the dining room, formal living room area. I ask, "Do you like to play hide and seek?" an audible, child's voice is captured whispering "Yeah!" I was alone in the room with no children around me.

Now this is where the fun starts. The littlest of children, a one year old baby boy who I'll call Baby R begins to wander around the house. He sees me in the formal living room, stops and smiles. I acknowledge him with a "Hello sweetheart," when I notice he isn't looking at me. Baby R begins grunting and pointing at the dining room behind me. I turn to look, but see nothing. I ask him if he sees anything. He runs over to the dining room table and stops and drops to the floor lying down. It was spooky the way he just dropped. Like a marionette whose strings were cut. Nick comes in and I mention this to him. Nick then tells me this is the area he sees a white, solid form late at night zipping past the doorway into the kitchen. I call Paul over and explain the events that just occurred. He immediately takes a picture of the dining room where he captures a very large red orb over the table. He takes another and the red orb is no longer there. Baby R would toddle throughout the house, pointing at different spots, Paul would take a photo and catch a red orb, take another and nothing would be there. Of course not, because Baby R is pointing at a different area. It was a little spooky seeing Baby R point at something that no one else could see.

At this point, there is a lot of activity from the living souls in the house. In the excitement of Baby R possibly seeing the spirit of what Nick believes to be a little boy playing with him, one of the older children who I will call Missy B, begins to stick to me like glue. She is crying just a bit. I ask Missy B, "Are you scared?" when an audible child's voice is captured saying "Yeah." Missy B didn't say anything in response to my question, she merely nodded her head. Being a mother myself, I console Missy B when she tells me she wants the lights turned back on. I inform her we will turn them back on as soon as we were finished, and that nothing would happen, and there were many people in the house who won't let anything happen to her.

I head back into the kitchen with Missy B by my side, as well as two of the other children who kept asking me questions. The lights are turned back on much to Missy B's relief. After listening to the recordings for a bit longer, I hear something that sounds like a growl. Socks the dog, is outside at this time. Then a minute later, "Souljer Boy" rings again and Nick answers, "Hello? Hello?" when a crystal clear, child's voice is captured saying "Hello?" Both Nick and his girlfriend Jainey Warden do not recognize the last child's voice that is captured. During the evening, one of the boys who I will call "Master J" says "This is like Ghost Hunters!" Yes Master J, it's like Ghosthunters.

As I drive home guided by the illuminating light of the moon high in the sky, I remind myself that Bella Luna works her magic the strongest during a full moon. I was given an opportunity to try and capture an EVP. At that time, I didn't know how many I had captured. At this time of year, everyone is looking to get scared - for a good ghost story. Little did I know, I had one.