Linda's Ghost Story

from Linda Strong of Shakopee, MN

The other morning it seemed as if the house was speaking to me.

I heard a muffled voice of a woman, and it sounded like it was coming from within the walls. At first, I thought it might be a loose electrical wire...her voice was choppy but soon became clear. The strange thing about it was that she was moaning and not using words. This lasted for about a minute or so and was gone.

Many times at night, I feel something walking across my bed - just like a cat. A few things have disappeared, only to be found later in odd and impossible places.

The room in which my mother sleeps seems to be the most active but in a little scarier way. She has heard a nasty man screaming in her ear a few times, and her TV sometimes goes on and off by itself. And in the kitchen, the microwave display once spelled out "child" in perfect letters. Almost every night and early morning, the display goes crazy with the number 8. As far as my mothers room, I burn a lot of sage and she wears a protective far the spirit has not come back.