Justin's Ghost Stories: The Baby Sitter

by Justin Daney of Kansas

I was about six years old, and walked to and from school to my baby-sitter's (house) everyday. Usually, on the way back, her friend would walk with us and they were about 11 years old. It was a plain day after school. The weather must have been about 64 degrees. It must of been around 4 o'clock; a partly sunny afternoon.

Well, we were walking home and on the route is a street full of duplexes with 10 feet of distance between them (and with a garage attached to each side of the duplexes). This one garage, had a bush right next to it - about 4 feet or waist level high. It was a typical afternoon, walking back from school. I just happened to turn my head left and the bush had a figure in dressed in "all black," standing behind the bush (whoa! I just got instant chill bumps telling that). It was acting as if it was hiding, and its head peeped up and ducked; then peeped back up. I kind of jumped in excitement and amazement, and yelled, pointing, "LOOK! My babysitter said, "What...huh?" What? And, as I kept pointing (and at that time, I started clutching to my baby-sitter's leg).

The figure popped its head back up, then it rose up and stood still. I remember I was in a fright, hiding behind my baby-sitter's leg and crying. The only way I can describe the figure I saw was that it appeared to look like a "ninja" - just like a ninja covered in black from head to toe. That was all that happened. I never saw anything like that again. I got chewed out for causing a big scene on the way back home by my parents - ugh.

This second story was the one my aunt told my grandparents one night. Every year, there is an annual Native American softball tournament in Eufala, Oklahoma (in the summer time). Well, I was three at this time and there was a lake near there, where you could go swimming. My aunt was telling us that my other aunt had taken me and my cousin (who was six at the time), to the lake to swim. They were in the lake telling me to come in with them and splash around and have fun.....I stood back and started saying, "Honka." "Honka...there is a honka in there." ("honka" means "ghost" in Creek Native American Indian). I guess I put up a scene by screaming to not go in the water. So, my aunt took us back, as she did not want to deal with me....we come to find out, my aunt who was telling us this story I am telling you, said that the next day a dead body came floating up in that lake. It was another Native American during graduation...