Grace's Ghost Stories

by Grace Potter

My name is Grace Potter and I am ten years old. One day last year (2006), I and some other members of my family went to a place called Walhalla. I thought it was just Walhalla, but I read a sign that said "Walhalla Ghost Town." I asked my mum why they call it a ghost town. Mum said because lots of people have died in the old mine tunnel.

That night, when we stayed in our two story house, I kept on hearing someone crying, so I got really freaked out. I got up and walked around the house and checked everyone's room. I started to shake from getting so scared, but then in the corner of my eye I saw a little boy wearing a suit running through the walls. I said, "Oh my God," then he disappeared - but I could still hear crying. I was way too scared to go to where my mum was sleeping with my brothers.

Suddenly, my little brother Seth came running out to me, crying. It was not him crying before, because I could hear a little girl crying, then. Seth, my little brother, said, ''Scary Grace, scary.'' I started to think who that little boy was. So then I grabbed my little brother's hand and held it tight. I started walking towards where my mum was sleeping. Finally, I went in there and looked out the window and saw a little girl...very see-through and crying on the top of a big rock. Then, the freaky thing happened: she turned around and looked at me! I grabbed Seth and ran to my bed and I could hear her still crying.

Was it just my mind or was it real?

(Here's another ghost story from Grace)

It was weird when we were having our new year's eve party, because when I started dancing on our back deck with my mum, I kept on seeing an old lady in the corner of my eye. I stopped dancing and looked at my mum and said, ''Who is that old lady over there?'' "Who?" my mum said, and I looked back and the old lady was gone. I said to my mum, "When did my grandma Lorna die?" She said, "Today, eighteen years ago." I then went over to my dad and said, "I think I saw grandma Lorna," then he said, "So did I."