Sundo Ghost Story

by B. Villanueva

This happened to me last year. We were on a road somewhere in Leyte (I was with my friends Iries, Kevin, and the driver). It was already dark and there were many trees around. We were playing music, and the song we were singing was "Goodbye to You," by Michelle Branch.

Suddenly, Iries' cell phone rang, and he said that there was no one on the phone.

I said, "What's the number?"

"09167713666," he said..."Do you know the number?"

None of us knew the number. Then, the driver shouted, "Aauugghhhhhhhh!!!" The car bumped a tree, but we were still alive.

When we asked the driver, "Why did this happen?"

He answered, "Someone was beside me wearing a black robe!"

After that we continued our trip, not minding what had happened. But then, our car hit another big tree, and the driver was dead; and I injured my left arm. In the hospital, Kevin called our other friends. When they came, my friends told us what happened to them when we were on the trip. My friend, "Lime" told us that my favorite stuffed toy that I had given her was tattered and torn by a black cat. "Laine" told us that my organ in our apartment played (but no one was playing it). "Lester" said that I called him but was not talking.

When we recall the story, we noticed the cellphone number that called Iries, had numbers 13 and 666 (often said to be satan's numbers). And, the man wearing a black robe was "Kamatayan" - yes, the stories that happened to my friends were connected to me. We all realized that I'm very lucky to still be alive after what happened.