Crystal's Ghost Stories

by Crystal Anne

Well to start off, my house is about 300 yrs old, maybe older. I am only 12 and I have had many experiences.

My room is on the second floor of my house and is very small. My windows are deep though and when I was younger (about 6 or 7) I used to sit in them. I used to sit in them and talk with someone. This someone was a girl a bit older than me at the time, and she would tell me stories of her life. I really didn't know that she was a ghost at the time. I thought she was just a little girl like me.

The oddest thing about that story is when my Aunt was that age she had my room and my dad said he always heard her and some other little girl talking and playing.

Now I have also seen a friendly ghost cat that passes through the home from time to time. Nothing too creepy or frightening.

I still hear many voices and noises and recognize paranormal things going on all the time. Some are way too scary to tell, just yet.

Those are my stories!